1. roommate uses essential oils in laundry bc of sensitive nose & hating available laundry products

2. roommate accidentally an entire bottle of "egyptian musk" into the washing machine

3. I look up musk on wiki

17. hereditary whispering dysphonia was often diagnosed as "hysteria," as seen in this case series of an Australian family,

41. *following offhand citations on a fragrance pulled in the 70s after 20 years in personal care products when it was found to cause neurodegenerative disease*


the more I learn about anything even slightly related, the more convinced I become that if you purposely expose yourself to a lot of artificial colors, flavors, and fragrances, you're a damn fool.

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my former roommate buys "extra scent" versions of typical household cleaning products, and I would just wilt a little rather than attempt to distill what I've gleaned from years of random biology research

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