America’s temple of free speech & civil liberties has emerged as a progressive powerhouse. But the ACLU is riven with tension over whether it's stepped away from a founding principle — unwavering devotion to the 1st Amendment.

“There are a lot of organizations fighting eloquently for racial justice & immigrant rights,” [former director Ira] Glasser said. “But there’s only one ACLU that's a content-neutral defender of free speech. I fear we’re in danger of losing that.”

I've been too tired & preoccupied for years to seek out such a thing and today is no exception, but I'd kinda love to absorb a spirited debate between incredibly smart people with one side defending the ACLU-of-yore position (not free speech absolutism, but closer than most others would get) versus the other side using (for example) European anti-fascist-speech type laws as a counterexample.


(in the unlikely event anybody gives a crap, my views on free speech and the ACLU of yore were informed by witnessing, as a young teen, the Christian Coalition attempt to stage a takeover of my local school board and *immediately* set out to start banning books once they managed to gain some traction.)

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