tfw having to explain to your roommate who has been stuck for 3 days on changing the domain of his phpbb instance, that you agreeing to help does not equate to agreeing to sit there and guide him through the process

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I've learned to set this expectation VERY early when I agree to help people with computer problems.

I'm not good at "let me narrate while you sit at the keyboard and follow along cargo culting." I'm not ever going to be good at it. so it's better that we avoid the frustration altogether.

ironically, pair programming is the only way I can get anything done in a 9-5 professional setting, but that's because the other half of the pair also has a basis for understanding the problem domain.

(nowadays with my recent new insight into my own bullshit, I realize that a big part of my poor performance at walking people through fixing computer problems is my inability to simultaneously debug problems and translate my process first to words and then to *spoken* words.

but also I'm a spicy bitch and rapidly lose patience when people are unable to perceive things on the screen that are self-evident to me, or keep losing focus, which one can't do when debugging and expect to succeed.)

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