still amazed by how useful a decade plus old dual core laptop with 4GB max ram is as a thin client and lite browsing machine (with sufficient adblock)

granted it's a highly upgradable tank, but still... it was usable when it had a spinning disk in it, with a SSD it's even better.

I'm waiting on my roommate to print me a riser bracket so I can stick a half-height 802.11n card in it and drastically increase the wifi speed. the tiny antenna connectors are oxidized, though.

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and by thin client I mean everything but video streaming via X2Go remote desktop and/or using as xterm

and by lite browsing I mean 7 browser windows with handfuls to a couple dozen tabs each, though of course not all loaded at the same time (as when the browser restarts a session, or if using a tab auto-hibernate extension)

so.... the machine is getting thoroughly exercised, at a decade old. the hardware has to work. but it's never once been so slow as to piss me off.

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