I'm coming to realize, literally over 20 years late, that to continue making money from my tech skills in the long term, I need to transition from being a web monkey into doing contract sysadmin work, and indie app / plugin type development.

The main reason is because I find it intensely unpleasant to work on websites built by cargo cult, subsequently left in horrible states of decay & disrepair, whose owners still believe they are qualified to have many more opinions than they actually are.

Sounds prima donna until you work in the trenches being a web monkey.


My main problems making this transition happen:

* I have no idea how to break into sysadmin gig work and collect repeat customers

* My dispatch reliability is terrible due to externalities which I have yet to solve

* My ability to stand up my own indie tech stack to support all this (consulting or coding or both) is drastically impacted by externalities which I have yet to solve

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All the clues to this were present when I built my first web site developed for someone else, and when my dad (part of the "someone else") went to check it out, we immediately got into a fight about the navigation, because he was literally born before the Great Depression and didn't understand how people born after 1980 use a web site.

It has been some form of this, repeating ad nauseam, with I'd say about 4 out of 5 web gigs ever since.

(I'm both elderly in fedi years and was a REALLY late baby for my dad, stfu)

@Mek101 I'm stuck in All Wordpress All The Time nightmare hellscape mode

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