Bionic eye recipients left in the dark with obsolete tech

It happened to more than 350 people who are blind and received artificial eyes only to be abandoned by the company that invented them, Second Sight Medical Products.

The risk for early adopters is that their high-tech implants turn into just another obsolete gadget.

"If something does go wrong with it, I'm screwed," said Terry Byland, a double-implant recipient. "Because there's no way of getting it fixed."


demand open source medical tech??

profit motive ruins everything it touches in the fields of medicine and social media, I'm convinced of it. what other fields?

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@deutrino Quicker to list which fields it doesn't ruin.
@deutrino Absolutely every single field. Finance, power and water, farming, education, manufacture, retirement homes, religion, entertainment, software, Internet, etc…

@hypolite I'm inclined to agree, but haven't specifically thought it through with fields other than social media or health care in a modern context.

I should probably get around to actually reading Marx, heh

@deutrino Finance: Subprime crisis.
Power: Texas blackouts.
Water: Nestlé hoarding natural sources to sell plastic bottles.
Farming: Monsanto.
Education: Charter schools.
Manufacture: Anti-suicide nets, prison labor.
Retirement homes: Mistreatments.
Religion: Joel Osteen's megachurch.
Entertainment: Hollywood, Video game studio concentration.
Software: Bill Gates.
Internet: Privacy nightmare.
Healthcare: 1 in 3 GoFundMe campaigns are to cover medical bills.

@hypolite Most of these are great examples, I guess one thing I'm wondering is, is it possible to have a non centrally planned economy without profit motive? it may well be, I'm ignorant of a lot of the thinking on these issues.

@deutrino I don't have an academic answer to this but pragmatically it seems to boil down to "No", although my perception is warped by the historical fact that capitalist countries have stymied any remote attempt using economic sanctions, military threats and covert ops actions including assassinations and plotting coups so we probably will never know.

At a smaller scale, communes seem to be held together around central figures who started it, and crumble when they move on/pass away. Tribal people living outside the capitalist world also have central authority figures, so I don't think that you can completely remove the central planning.

Profit motive or not, hierarchy still is the most effective way of governing any kind of society, from tribes to video game guilds and countries.

@deutrino @hypolite I'm for open source absolutely everything and I'm not even a Marxist (in any remotely orthodox sense).

@n8chz @hypolite I'm not currently a Marxist and from what little I know, there's at least a reasonable chance I wouldn't become one even after reading up, but at this point I want to have a thorough understanding of his critique of capitalism.

@hypolite @deutrino

Code I advocate is, businesses have a right to attempt to safeguard trade secrets, but hackers have a right to attempt to reverse engineer technologies. Reputable engineering careers, like reputable science careers, would be "publish or perish," with more emphasis this time on perishment of research than that of researchers. "Legit research (AND development!) is published research" would be a good social norm. Otherwise society becomes a cargo cult.

@n8chz @hypolite Interesting idea!

I saw a very convincing speech from an infosec researcher a few years ago advocating that any company which sells a product which runs code be mandated by law to release the source if the product is no longer supported, is discontinued, they go out of business, etc.

@deutrino agriculture, housing, education, foreign policy (war), etc. etc. the question is more: where is it not disastrous?

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