it's now time for any noobs following me to learn that

* it's the Fediverse, not The Mastodon Network

* there's actually a 10-year history here and Mastodon wasn't even remotely the first platform

* the creator of Mastodon hasn't actually been a very good steward of his particular sub-platform within the Fediverse

I won't go on at length about this too much, I typically just boost a post about it every so often when it comes up on my timeline.

but people just joining should know there's a complex history here, as with any social network - especially a grassroots one - that's been around for a decade already

@tk definitely failed to get plenty of people to even try this place due to that effect

@deutrino I started using fedi in the times when gnusocial was big.

I wish there was some way to make this pop up for anybody who refers to the network as Mastodon instead of the fediverse

Also, I do enjoy the irony that you're posting from a mastodon instance

@mitchconner sigh. I still haven't managed to migrate to my own personal Pleroma instance due to life issues, so for now, here I stay

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