How good, REALLY, is the UX of making on w/drawing tablet? I have aspiring artist fam in need of gear, but:

* we're both broke af
* they are rural w/poor internet
* they're not tech savvy
* reading lots of text is exhausting for them


* tech support after delivery isn't feasible
* the hardware & software need to work right & be stable
* art software I preload must have an ecosystem of video visually-oriented ebook tutorials

Is this possible? Remotely realistic?


Followup to who use Linux: are there brands of inexpensive drawing tablet that work best on Linux? Whatever I get needs to a) work right all the time b) be inexpensive c) be durable and able to survive a lot of dust/dirt/etc (this is a working farm more or less with no special space for art)

@deutrino I've only used it briefly, but IIRC Wacom stuff just worked for me? Probably a bit too rich though...

@calvin lotsa people are saying Wacom, yeah. at some point, if Wacom gear Just Works(tm) free of bugs and hassles, it'll be worth it to scrounge and dig until I can get one of those vs something offbrand that isn't reliable.

@deutrino Wacom Intuos are easy to use for beginners and relatively cheap when bought from third-party. A quick search shows prices around $70 and up.

@deadsuperhero yup. I don't do any visual art myself, so I'm not sure if there's been a huge profusion of tablets beyond Wacom... last time I was looking some of them still had serial ports ><

@deutrino I have a Wacom Intuos Pen Small (i think the model is old and they changed the names). It's similar to this one:

It's good, works well on linux and stuff.
It's not inexpensive, it's like 70 bucks.

Now I'm thinking on buying a Cintiq 13HD but that's like 900€ and... hehe

Many linux artists use Wacom, there are community drivers which work well.

Thanks. Yeah Wacom really does sound well supported and well loved. Reliability and durability are most important for this use, then cost, and only then features.

@deutrino Durability and Reliability extend the life of the product so the operative cost goes down.

Never forget that ;-)

Oh believe me I know. Especially in this case. I have almost no capital though so it inevitably weighs in.

I'm reminded of cast iron vs Teflon cookware though. Cheap and durable af 😅

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