How good, REALLY, is the UX of making on w/drawing tablet? I have aspiring artist fam in need of gear, but:

* we're both broke af
* they are rural w/poor internet
* they're not tech savvy
* reading lots of text is exhausting for them


* tech support after delivery isn't feasible
* the hardware & software need to work right & be stable
* art software I preload must have an ecosystem of video visually-oriented ebook tutorials

Is this possible? Remotely realistic?

Followup to who use Linux: are there brands of inexpensive drawing tablet that work best on Linux? Whatever I get needs to a) work right all the time b) be inexpensive c) be durable and able to survive a lot of dust/dirt/etc (this is a working farm more or less with no special space for art)

@deutrino I've only used it briefly, but IIRC Wacom stuff just worked for me? Probably a bit too rich though...


@calvin lotsa people are saying Wacom, yeah. at some point, if Wacom gear Just Works(tm) free of bugs and hassles, it'll be worth it to scrounge and dig until I can get one of those vs something offbrand that isn't reliable.

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