Y'all remember DirectConnect? Kazaa? WASTE? Restroshare? You know, software where you could offer your entire media collection for share and people could browse and download as they liked?

What's the modern version of that, which

a) works, stably; and
b) is cross-platform at least to Linux and Windows?

@ouahful weigh in plz, I know you've used web-based solutions for this, I wanna share from home or a Pi-like device I carry around if possible tho... self-contained apps

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@Rantula @deutrino
Add to that:

- Solves NAT / Firewall issues automatically.
- Secure enough that users don't get automated warnings from copyright trolls, or autothrottled by overzealous ISPs.
- Works with ipv6, because wtf year is this anyway?

@Rantula I'm looking more for stuff that will let remote users (preferably with some level of access control) dig thru a folder I share and download it if they want, and vice versa.

@deutrino hmmm that’s a tough one. I can keep searching around for something that fits that description.

@Rantula Yup, maybe in this thread we'll turn something up :)

@deutrino the last time, i used RetroShare... but more on a messenger perspective. Maybe someone could develop a plugin for cloud platforms like owncloud, nextcloud... i dunno.

@santiago It just seems so crazy that this problem hasn't been semi-definitively solved yet. The software that does it best in any given era eventually rots away and isn't carried on.

@santiago @deutrino there is already XMPP functionality for NextCloud .

#NextCloud  (as long as #XMPP ) , AFAIK i'ts not #P2P, but it supports federating instances ...


@deutrino I shared some 20G of music with Retroshare, but no one downloaded a thing, and also because i had very few contacts. No one adopted it. People thar adopted it, in my experience, w people seeking for privacy, and not willing to share many things...

@santiago @deutrino
I tried downloading two albums from RetroShare, and ended up with a couple dozen unsorted mp3 files in my RetroShare downloads directory. Not a great way to share folders of files.

@santiago Yeah, usage & sharing by random people is sparse without some critical mass of users. But for a friend group, "you should see/hear/read this, go to $app and grab it straight from my media folder" would be so much nicer than basically any other way we share >20MB files nowadays. If the userbase is largely people who already talk to each other it requires far fewer people to be useful. would be okay for this if the bugs & UX were less problematic.

@deutrino For music, especially non-chart-music, it's still Soulseek.

@deutrino I just use the QT one from here:

Not exactly beautiful in GNOME 3, but it works.

@deutrino so peer to peer file sharing indexed by metadata tags (artist, genre, ...)?

@digital sure, or even simpler - just a no frills shared folder would be great

@deutrino there are a lot of ways to share files
you can put them on a webserver and enable directory listing, or use some p2p service


I've seen Piratebox in action - that's pretty neat! It's not exactly what you're looking for, but maybe it could be useful?

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