I finally had to buy new toner for my Laserjet 1100, like 9 years after I bought the thing (with existing toner) off Craigslist for $20. It actually still works, it's just getting faded and splotchy and shaking didn't help.

Inkjet can bite me.


This is the built-in test page I just printed from my using the failing toner cartridge. This machine has firmware dating to 1998 and has printed over 18,000 pages in its lifetime, over a thousand of those since I bought it nearly a *decade* ago, for $20, with the toner cartridge I'm just now replacing. I've cleaned it *once.* If paper jams, I pull it out and it works again, end of story.

Lifetime investment: $20 printer, $20 jetdirect box, $15 stick of RAM to make it go faster. And now $26 in toner for another 2500 pages.

The only downside: it doesn't always come back from deep sleep, so I stuck a timer on it to power cycle it daily at 4am.

The only time I ever need to print color is for photos, and I can do that online and pick them up at the drug store or have them mailed to me. I never need touch a horrible consumer inkjet again. God I love this thing. Okay, I'm done.

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Aw helllll yeeuh, this new toner cartridge is producing dark darks. I am satisfied with my purchase thus far

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The thing is... I know I'm cool and interesting... But a new toner cartridge DID just improve my Friday night

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@deutrino I remember that printer! And this is probably a stupid question, but... how does the driver still work?!

@stringlytyped Those old Laserjets and the Jetdirect network interfaces all used the same language and were very common and lasted forever (clearly!) so it's got great CUPS support. Probably works fine in Windows too with a Jetdirect. I have my doubts whether the add-on scanner is as well supported, but I don't have that to verify :)

@deutrino i used to have a laserjet... iii, i think? that we got off the local freecycle mailing list in like 2006. it was fast, the print quality was good, and it never complained about anything.

i've lost most of the stuff i owned a couple of times since then, but i'm pretty sure if i still had it, it'd still work.

@brennen Yeah, I was forced to shed about 90% of my possessions once so far since getting that printer but by god it was one of the things I hung onto. I'm eventually gonna have to learn how to maintain it. These things remind me of old Volvos.

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