it lives.

can't get it to output 1080p but it's running fine headless. won't get hotter than 45C with the CPU at 1.4/1.8GHz - recommended settings.

this represents a measure of digital independence for me, as I'd pay $10-20/mo for a vps with similar stats. planning to put a 1TB SSD on it with the NVMe hat (not pictured) once I can afford it.

uspol, Bernie 

uspol, Bernie 

uspol, it's not that Biden is old... 🌶️ 

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uspol, late capitalism, police violence, birdsite screencap

i'm sorry, but Epstein 

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On Why The Social Justice Warrior Ideology Is Fundamentally Medieval

In which a logic & political theory nerd takes on the , and offers a hand-drawn Political Ideology Cube as a companion.

Do note that boost ≠ full endorsement, he said with an air of futility.

Now on the Cargo-Culted EE Design Hour:

I've found this suggested circuit to drive some LED strips (analog, 5-channel RGB+CCT) with the TLC59711 PWM IC which @catoutofbed recommended to me ages ago.

The IC has nice features which should prevent flicker unlike many others, but it's not designed for driving strips. It's an open-drain device. Thus the workaround.

I have concerns, but no EE skill to know what may be wrong with this. Total current thru each channel shouldn't exceed 500mA, though.

I figure I can stick LED strips to the middle sections there and this would serve both as mounting for the LEDs, plus heat sink.

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