I figure I can stick LED strips to the middle sections there and this would serve both as mounting for the LEDs, plus heat sink.

noob circuit design, lamps 

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

refugees who want a more familiar UI on Android should check out the app.

wtf !

(25 items caught by ublock origin and 8 by privacy badger on a lastpass.com new install page)

How else are they monetizing your data? They're a password vault app, ffs.

(don't @ me about keepass et al, I've been too preoccupied to switch yet.)

A summary of the argument against quoting and global full-text search in Mastodon.

Facebook, screenshot of headlines 

birdsite screencap, speekin/amplifyed vs countersocial with the usual 🌶️🌶️ you'd expect 

This is the built-in test page I just printed from my using the failing toner cartridge. This machine has firmware dating to 1998 and has printed over 18,000 pages in its lifetime, over a thousand of those since I bought it nearly a *decade* ago, for $20, with the toner cartridge I'm just now replacing. I've cleaned it *once.* If paper jams, I pull it out and it works again, end of story.

Found in Twitter thread on the MacOS root login back door. See also: every Linux lock screen ever invented with the possible exception of xscreensaver

I tucked Mentally Ill Grey Cat into his corner of the mess in the basement. Rare photo with 0% murder


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