i've been growing small plants in used plastic food containers and this happened after picking up one of the older ones today, I was a bit surprised when I noticed

sometimes when I'm at a transition point from a low energy mental state to a higher energy one, little bits of memory-flotsam from the day will stick in my mind for several more days

this was it. constantly reappearing in the foreground of my mind. since Friday.

imagine being so thoroughly ensconced in your Matrix vat that seeing this produces literally any response other than 😑

welp I see failbook is handling the current regulatory environment with customary adroitness :uhm:

well-to-do retired boomer neighbors, their adult children, and a steadily growing horde of grandchildren: absolutely zero fucks given

From tumblr: "I made a big poster full of historic Personal Computers from Japan, its available from my shop (linked below) should you want to pick up a print :)"


these "struggling toward sentience in a cyberpunk timeline" memes emerging from the failbook crowd are starting to get a lil dark

the dwarf tomatoes I started in the cold basement on waste server heat are shockingly productive. lots & lots of small tomatoes to the point i'm snipping off more buds as I don't think the plants can support them on artificial light.

they're very vigorous and apparently open pollinated?? I do note the tomato size & shape varies a bit from plant to plant, as compared to the uniformity of a hybrid variety. "red robin" it's called. will be learning to grow these indoors year round.

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