remember those special dwarf tomato seeds I incubated on selfhost (and yes crypto mining too) waste heat?

they're almost blooming already. i'm kind of surprised, the basement where they live under makeshift lighting is a pretty steady 62-64 degrees.

"when leaving the house" meme with various adult references 

selfhost server-warmed tomato seeds update 

I've planted 2 starts of the second variety. I make starter pots out of used yogurt cups by drilling with the pictured bit (not sure what it's called). makes a lot of microplastic but i'm indoors so I just sweep it up.

these will join the others on my shoebox warming rig. I discovered one side keeps the soil around 70F and the other 74F so I will need to rotate the seeds accordingly and also tape up some warm air leaks.

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since people seem to be interested, here's my personal compute stack / self-hosted dev & webshit infrastructure. currently 5 of 8 cpu cores are kept busy with mining when idle.

poor photos, but this is legit cyberpunk lifestyle, crammed in a basement between a couch, an end table, and a stereo table.

currently warming seeds of special dwarf tomatoes bred for small containers, which really want warm soil for 2-3 weeks in order to sprout.

it's only gotta last til they're out of the soil.

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commenting on a celeb's appearance, eye contact 

, by Corinne Day for The Face 1990

I saw this scroll past elsewhere and was reminded of something @realcaseyrollins said about Kate Moss's look, she is a bit steely overall, but in this photograph I find her striking, a bit challenging, and beautiful in the sense I could look at her like this a thousand times and never tire of it, it's an example of an image I'd choose to frame and put somewhere in my house if I had a house :shrug_akko:

google divorce, software dev shop edition 

Terraria developer cancels Google Stadia port after YouTube account ban

After 3 fruitless weeks of trying to get the situation fixed, [lead dev Andrew Spinks] announced his company will no longer do business with Google and that the upcoming Stadia version of Terraria is canceled.

"I will not be involved with a corporation that values their customers and partners so little," Spinks said. "Doing business with you is a liability."

this species is doomed

BUT in the meantime while we're all (well, I'm all) amassing the best gear possible before that shit goes down, there's gold in them thar hills

recent uspol ranting 

"gee @deutrino why are you on such a tear about this?" see attached.

don't worry though, I promise I will once again excise most of my politics ranting from this alt very soon, so if you don't like it, there'll be less of it in my stream.

I had an alt for it on pleroma dot site but since that went tits-up in a complete information vacuum, I haven't had the energy to re-create it somewhere else.

and since the stimulus is critically important to millions, I'm ranting here.

uspol, liberals, news screenshot 

Joe Biden isn't fighting for poor people. He's fighting for his donors.

The Democratic Party isn't fighting for poor people. They're fighting for their donors.

When & how do we see even the tiniest sliver of accountability for these people?

(source is the NYT, which is of course propping up the Democrat establishment on this & everything else)

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uspol, liberals, birdsite screenshot 

just look at this fucking guy.

when do you think he last struggled with paying literally any bill for literally anything at all?

in case y'all didn't notice, apparently big stonks line go up no matter whether real people live or die. and if big line go up, Paul Krugman's wealth goes up. he's doing just fine.

these jackasses don't speak for anyone in the 99%.

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uspol, liberals, birdsite screenshot 

Paul Krugman is a joke.

The New York Times is a joke.

The entire MSNBC-orbit liberal pundit establishment is a fucking joke.

These people are doing *nothing* for the working class, and they haven't been for decades. Stop fucking listening to them.

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