The Facebook attention gap

The Facebook Papers and whistleblower accounts were a public relations nightmare for Facebook, but so far, the company's core stakeholders — advertisers, users and investors — seem unfazed.

For now, this controversy is mainly of interest to the media and lawmakers.

i've been growing small plants in used plastic food containers and this happened after picking up one of the older ones today, I was a bit surprised when I noticed

sometimes when I'm at a transition point from a low energy mental state to a higher energy one, little bits of memory-flotsam from the day will stick in my mind for several more days

this was it. constantly reappearing in the foreground of my mind. since Friday.

imagine being so thoroughly ensconced in your Matrix vat that seeing this produces literally any response other than 😑

welp I see failbook is handling the current regulatory environment with customary adroitness :uhm:

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