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creepily assembled by the NYT with help from a "data intelligence firm" using "anonymized" mobile phone location data


this is one version of it... is there a common name for these?

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this may not look like much, but it's taken me probably 2 to 2.5 years to get here, through all manner of headwinds. so i'm happy. basic smoke tests passed.

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New York Times, March 28, 2020

muh post-'expert' era


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after a little time lag so that he doesn't have the immediate causal relationship in mind, I predict that Trump will revert to interpreting the massive stock market decline as an attack on his character, and thus become more unstable & perma-enraged

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In this clip from an early March press conference, a reporter repeatedly asks if uninsured Americans can get tested for the coronavirus.

In response, Mike Pence's press secretary Katie Miller [Waldman] replies, "screaming for the camera won't get you anywhere."

Miller previously defended the Trump regime's family-separations policy as DHS press secretary. She is married to white nationalist and senior presidential advisor Stephen Miller.

it lives.

can't get it to output 1080p but it's running fine headless. won't get hotter than 45C with the CPU at 1.4/1.8GHz - recommended settings.

this represents a measure of digital independence for me, as I'd pay $10-20/mo for a vps with similar stats. planning to put a 1TB SSD on it with the NVMe hat (not pictured) once I can afford it.

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The Establishment is really starting to worry after months of attempting to ignore Bernie and hoping he will go away :FeelsLifeMan:

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what's the over/under on my man Bernie getting assassinated on live tv?? just curious, no real reason :ancap_ball:

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