lol but seriously, his name is Fluffernutter and he's still very young and high energy.

I played with him a bunch as a kitten so he remembers me on sight and LOVES me (teeth & claws included in the package) .. the blurry photo was about 0.3 seconds before his fangs were in my tender flesh

I wanted to share a pic of my friend's cat, this is the friend I made the begpost about yesterday, looking for a $25 UPS battery

still can't tell if the slowness was my router or is just intermittent, but some of the network health graphs look weird starting right around the time one might expect some fallout from the recent congestion control updates


dat 24 hour volume

honestly need fat stacks of microwave popcorn bags for when USDT collapses

The Facebook attention gap

The Facebook Papers and whistleblower accounts were a public relations nightmare for Facebook, but so far, the company's core stakeholders — advertisers, users and investors — seem unfazed.

For now, this controversy is mainly of interest to the media and lawmakers.

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