From tumblr: "I made a big poster full of historic Personal Computers from Japan, its available from my shop (linked below) should you want to pick up a print :)"


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I'm not able to relate to people who hate the cold

I'm originally from a tropical country and everyone there seems to just... not appreciate the benefits of a good snow storm. It's hot in New York and I could really use a few feet of snow right about now

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@original_fractalator I'll try to remember! might give it another shot today

geopol: US/Israel 

New leaders, new era: US-Israel relations reach crossroads

The relationship is critical to both nations. But leaders are constrained by domestic politics.

Bennett leads a shaky coalition of 8 parties from across Israel’s spectrum, whose main point of agreement was removing Netanyahu.

Biden faces eroding support for Israel among Democrats, and a progressive wing focused on Israel’s half-century occupation of land claimed by Palestinians.


@lizard speaking of which, I posted the video which started this thread in a private facebook group to discuss with some friends, and got automatically "fact checked," including a claim that the spike protein isn't toxic 😂 @FreePietje @raucao

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@pleb yeah it's basically just a vent bc I'm trying to set reminders to meditate and do self care bc life has burned thru all the patience I have, which then makes it difficult to try 9 methods of accomplishing this until I find one that works.

didn't have it in me to research the cron issue last night after xfce4-timer-plugin let me down

ran out of patience again this morning after trying 4 more apps since cron isn't ideal

I'll get it working eventually, thanks for the info!

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@pleb specifically, telling cron to run mpg123 doesn't work, plus it'd be nice to have something I can interact with from my desktop environment since one of the alarm files is 15 minutes long, etc.

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@pleb it doesn't work.

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it's similar to the situation of there being zero (0) good SIP clients for linux desktop

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I'm literally gonna have to compile some shit from source because every single alarm clock application I've looked into is either abandoned or useless for my purpose, which is a very very very very very very simple need to play certain audio files at certain times of day -_-

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why the fuck in the year of our lord 2021 is it SUCH A FUCKING TASK to find a fucking piece of software that will reliably play an audio file on linux at a certain time of day

seriously, I get that i'm a lil bit the asshole for even paying enough attention to comment let alone actually commenting....

...but like....

...these people are all clearly well-to-do and this country is 100% incubating a Hunger Games type scenario complete with the horrible fashion right now and I'll be damned if I'm not gonna roast elements of that decay process from time to time :shrug_riko:

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I've been resisting commentary but there's an all-American retired couple across the way (firefighter+teacher) whose MANY adult kids come down w/the grandkids on weekends in up to eight (8) near-identical crossover vehicles

anyway a 30something one of them just went for a walk with the patriarch, 3 toddlers, and a bulldog named pork chop, while unironically wearing a head to toe white leopard print pantsuit which she definitely paid unironic money for

so, commenting moratorium over I guess


@raucao @clacke what bugs me more than scattered issues w/new vaccines is the insistence that nothing could possibly go wrong with them based on reasoning which doesn't support that. imo it's narrative-first gaslighting with the goal of shaping people's perception for a desired result and it's bullshit.

a vaccine is a bioactive agent which gets injected into the body. human beings are not yet capable of making *anything* like that which doesn't fuck up some % of people who take it.

@clacke @raucao I only watched like 10 min of it but I do remember some vaccines are using spike proteins altered to be conformationally stable in a desired configuration, others are using a spike closer to wild type

abyss gazing 

if you ever wanna get some perspective on your lot in life, do some wiki spelunking on birth defects.

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@clacke @raucao IMO it depends on whether spike components are produced & shed similarly in natural infection, which seems plausible.

I suspect purely on a numbers basis of bad outcomes vs infection, if problems are indeed happening as described, round 1 vaccines are still a good bet for those near middle age and up. if major harm was coming to lots of people after the shots, we'd have heard it sooner and be hearing it louder, "fact checkers" and hivemind maintenance notwithstanding

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