@Moon ugh I totally bombed your thread lol, just haven't thought of all this in almost a year and the screenplay for even longer.

@Moon yeah, it was.

last year I went to Thanksgiving where his mom is living now and his half-brother channeled my friend from beyond the grave upon suddenly realizing he had a message to give me, it was wild. especially because the half-brother is a day-trading coke-snorting club kid in his 40s.

most of his relatives were notable in some kind of way like that, I think, he was the most likely to "succeed" though.

@Moon I was intending to write this specifically for a friend of mine to direct, kid went to film school and was very obviously going places, but died accidentally 3 weeks before his first indie feature went into production. so I've sat on the idea for many years now

Current and Projected Daily Carry (inspired by nytpu) 

@kelbot yup, I'd be right there with you on that except I'm tryna build capacity where I can "work from home" anywhere with a 4G signal.

@Moon yup. or indie drama with horror trappings, bc when making this up oh so long ago, I wanted lycanthropy to result only in changing into a physiologically normal wolf on the lunar cycle and at times of great distress, plus immortality, nothing more... no crazed murderous beasts, hulking monsters, etc

basically they're both 16yo teenagers, except she's been living on the far margins of society since the 1500s. it seems like such a good premise to make a film about youthful alienation.

Current and Projected Daily Carry (inspired by nytpu) 

@kelbot seeing these lists makes me wonder if there are any other broke-ass cyberpunks out there considering having their mobile access consist of a cellular hotspot in the backpack, since mobile data bills for >1 device aren't affordable.

@Moon hmm this could work! 😆

my teen drama screenplay idea: a tragedy in which an outcast boy is sent away from the Big City to small town Montana and falling in love with a wandering werewolf (immortal in this universe) who stopped aging when the conquistadors brought lycanthropy to the New World, he goes to immense trouble to convince her to bite him so at least they can wander together forever, but then rednecks successfully hunt her down (and not him)

you know you live in a certain sort of political area when an offhand comment on the city subreddit about how police unions need to be brought to heel and reminded of their place gets gilded and is near +100 in about two hours.

@sean yeah, I almost feel like I should get in the FB page game so I can raise my own personal army of boomers

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"No practical definition of freedom would be complete without the freedom to take the consequences. Indeed, it is the freedom upon which all the others are based.” - Terry Pratchett

Facebook forced troll farm content on over 40% of Americans each month

“One camp doesn’t realize the Pages are run by inauthentic actors… They tend to love these Pages. They like how entertaining the posts are and how they reaffirm their already-held beliefs.

The other camp does realize the Pages are run by inauthentic actors. They hate the ever-loving shit out of these Pages. They hate these Pages with a passion that even I find impossible to match.”


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Wow fucking #couchsurfing put up a paywall so you can’t even see any of your past messages or friends without a subscription of 2$ a month, federated couch surfing when?!

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A question from one member of the #Fediverse to another.. I could seriously use your help with the server bill for mstdn.social

Every bit is really much appreciated❤️


Thank you♥️

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My fellow openEngiadina developer @rustra was arrested in Minsk, Belarus on charges of organizing protests last year. He has reported being tortured.

This is a strong reminder of the ongoing repression in Belarus.

Resist repression and support victims!

#repression #Belarus #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners #acab

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