Ah yes good, instructions on installing Node from official binary packages, step 1: curl into bash as root.

Binary system packages. You know, .debs, which .... and I may be out on a limb here, but which I *THINK* have a well-established means of installation that isn't curl into bash as root?

Be it known that I have made it this far - February 15, 2019 - without installing Node on a machine of mine.

That era is now at an end. 😔🕯️

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Let's say somebody is writing e.g. a fediverse abstraction layer, is there any reason NOT to license it AGPLv3?

Can some people boost / fave / otherwise interact with some toots from my dev alt, @deutrino - I need to generate some logs for a fediverse project

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hokay, gotta generate some logs for this instance for testing purposes. if you see this could you do me a favor and fave and/or boost and/or reply and/or DM me?

@john Yeah, the possible wrinkle is that I already have it proxying traffic for Pleroma, so it needs to be only proxying stuff aimed at (for example) /gitea and below, and let everything else be handled by the other config.

Man, Pelican is actually a really good static blog generator, after you get past the huge learning curve and optional huge development curve for making/stealing your theme.

Potential (mis)features, depending on your point of view:

* no fricking npm dependencies
* is python, so you need a virtualenv and pip or whatever to install it
* has its own change-following dev server
* will sftp/rsync yr blog to your server on command

@dazinism Hey, thanks again. I've tried Tasks, it doesn't have the right UX.

Google extended Google Calendar to have something called Reminders, which are sort of like Events but not really, thus not caldav compatible.

None of the f-droid To-Do/Task apps I've tried replicate the UX of gcal Reminders. "Repeat Me" is closest, but it's beta quality and buggy.

I suspect the answer is either in a reminder app I haven't yet found, or it doesn't exist.

Does anybody happen to know of a guide that will tell me how to get , when receiving requests on port 443 for a certain directory and subdirectories (e.g. /caldav/*), to proxy it to the server listening on port 80?

This needs to coexist with nginx proxying all other requests NOT for that path and subdirectories to a different port (Pleroma, actually).

slowly but surely, my barn-raising of my partial solution is happening. it's amazing what a SBC that cost $50 over five years ago is capable of if you run the right software on it.

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@tom79 Would you be open to some suggestions (mockups) for the scheduled toots/boots UI?

@dazinism Currently I'm using aCalendar+ (paid, even) with DAVx5 syncing it to a back end on my little home server, btw.

None of the apps I've found, to-do apps, notification apps, etc, offer the same UX of Reminders in gcal which really works well for my brain and integrates well with the phone OS.

So that's why I'm thinking about writing it. Of course given life factors that's a LOT harder than it sounds.

@dazinism Hey, thanks for this. I'm in a hurry so I haven't looked at the links but I suspect that all those apps have reminders *for events* but not reminders in the style of Google Calendar reminders, which are their own type of event.

What I'm really looking for is the UX of first-class Reminders in Google Calendar on my phone: a (potentially repeating) notification which pops up at a given time, is snoozable, and doesn't go away until dismissed. This is not an easy thing to find.

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Light, nonessential crowdfunding (brutaldon) Show more

I'm broke af so I figured I'd at least re-boost the drive to get the Fedilab (Mastalab) dude a laptop, he's super responsive to bug reports and feature requests. I've watched the app grow by leaps and bounds. If you can spare even $5, it's WELL spent, the app is really in a class all its own among interfaces to the fediverse in some ways. There's a gofundme type page in the thread as well.

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I must say that I am happily surprised by your donations! I was quite afraid to create this campaign for crowdfunding but your donations or your messages are really motivating.
A big thanks to everyone!

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You deserve the fund and Librem 15.

You've contributed so much.

You, all alone, built whole a new system with Fedilab/Mastalab.

It's not simply a #Mastodon or Pleroma client.

It's more than client for a web.

E.g. one can simply follow an other instance from one own account is simple original idea of Mastalab.

And recent support of Ostatus, hat off you.

To me, you are a big inspiration, Tom!

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