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Dear relay operators,

Tor 0.4.6.x reached end of life and relays running that version will soon be rejected from the Tor network. Please upgrade your relay as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help powering Tor.

@friend ahh okay gotcha. I'm hoping to install it and check it out soon, but will prob try making an account somewhere as well

@friend this is super helpful, thanks. yeah I'd be wanting to share playlists of copyrighted tracks with friends, good to know "don't show this to the entire web" isn't necessarily baked in

would a instance be good for letting friends stream curated playlists you've made? I've never touched it.

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How QBasic jump started my career

When I was an enlisted sailor in the US Navy, I spent an awful lot of time on a deployment hacking away on our ancient laptops to write QBasic programs to automate some of our completely-not-computer-related work. For instance, I wrote a little program to format short text messages in a particular way and write them to a floppy. Then I could hand that floppy to the ship's radioman, and [...]

unsettling conceptual horror with implications 

he's the only author I can think of who'd do it justice in the *exact* right subsection of existential hair-raisingness that I'd want such a story to be told in

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unsettling conceptual horror with implications 

I really, really, really want Peter Watts to write a trilogy about the unintended consequences of editing fascist tendencies out of the biology of the human race after their kind gets crazy again and causes a global holocaust but loses the war

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I am a little lazy and I want someone to tell me in steps how I take a song exported as ASM from FamiStudio, and integrate it into a NES dev project

@adalbertsen I have a relative like this and it's not good to say the least

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messing with bureaucracy seems like a worthwhile hobby and source of entertainment 🤔

lol but seriously, his name is Fluffernutter and he's still very young and high energy.

I played with him a bunch as a kitten so he remembers me on sight and LOVES me (teeth & claws included in the package) .. the blurry photo was about 0.3 seconds before his fangs were in my tender flesh

I wanted to share a pic of my friend's cat, this is the friend I made the begpost about yesterday, looking for a $25 UPS battery

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American network / cable tv is wild dude... whenever I watch anything other than something I pirated or stream without ads, it just endlessly reminds me of the big city in Hunger Games

okay, but WHY does the vinyl rip I have of A Perfect Circle's "Vanishing" have better dynamics than the straight-from-digital 320Kbps mp3??

man I REALLY gotta update my phone, and yeahhh ugh (it's mostly degoogled so it's not plug n play so to speak... though, I remind myself, much less terrible than it used to be in older cyanogenmod days)

hmm welp, if I do see my friend it's not gonna be til later now. not sure what I should do about food in the meantime...

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