@velartrill All that being said, I saw this on tumblr the other day and had to lol. Having been exposed in life to some feminist types who were Definitely Good People, I have a bit softer opinion of "feminism," so I appreciated the little nipple-tweak reminder to not believe *too* much of my own bullshit. 😅

@velartrill Anyway, when it all boils down to "we all need each other," I think you're really on to something. Also it's interesting that you pick up on people rejecting each other for perceived vulnerability. And in general the creepy hyper-individualistic undertone (or worse) to much of how people relate in the USA. It's devastatingly ordinary, and it does nobody any good.

@velartrill I think one of the joys of existing is seeing all the myriad ways in which people do, or don't, embody archetypes. That includes people who follow the most common ways of being, and people who don't.

@velartrill Maybe some folks' first reaction to "b-but the masculine-feminine dynamic which exists" is "HEY! don't put me in your ____ box!" And that's fair. But to me, that archetypal dynamic leaves tons of room for variance, diversity, conformity, non-conformity, and growth (individually and as a species).

Just because an archetype exists does not mean that any given person must or should conform to it.

It also exists independently of those who might try to unethically enforce conformity.

@velartrill But, it's hard for me to articulate *why* I don't see it that way. Partly because I need to ponder it longer, and partly because this is frame-of-reference stuff. The cynical might say privilege plays a role, and it probably does. But the truth is, I've just known it, in my bones, for as long as I can remember.

@velartrill The idea of the masculine & feminine being complementary resonates very deeply with me and always has. And it's not just me. As I'm sure you know, it's an archetype deeply rooted in human culture. Yin & yang. Sun & moon. Mother earth, father sky. The idea has stayed with us this long for a reason.

I think some folks - perhaps including those you mention - react almost instinctively to this by feeling that it must somehow limit them. But I don't see it that way at all.

tfw your VMware Player bridged networking stopped functioning for no reason you can figure out, this persisted thru a couple reboots, but the next time you take a look at it, it Just Works(tm) again

(it's still better than Virtualbox)

How much does any one human *need* to vacuum tho

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If you want me to add an emoji please sent me the transparent version with the desired name.

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Youtube isn't interested in keeping videos forever. Or even for a long time. They'd rather not keep old videos at all.

New terms of service add a clause to terminate your access "if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable."


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@velartrill When I read this I am reminded of a sort of "rugged individualism poisoning" that's corrupted countless movements/philosophies/etc in the WASPy west with "get yours" values.

I've also known a number of co-op mode men, myself one of them, who aren't Submissive(tm) and who also aren't defanged soi bois or whatever. We're not very common - presumably due to the deleterious influence of the dominant culture - but we exist. Don't forget us! <3

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@unascribed my goal in life is to hit the front page of hacker news then immediately start drawing furry porn

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Pictures of my Engines 

fedi porn nodes consolidating... not good for the decentralization agenda :thinking_very_hard:

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As I participate with gusto in the meme economy, I am reminded of the late great Rev. Bill Hicks' sermon on "planting seeds" 🌾🌾

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