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♲ @[email protected]: Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of the node_modules directory listing for her first Hello World react app…

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...or hell, audio-to-WiFi, since these days WiFi tends to not suck handily enough that it could probably beam FLAC around a house without much problem even when the damn microwave is on.

fired: bluetooth

tired: long analog audio cables

wired: active USB cable and a DAC

inspired: if somebody would just build the analog audio-to-Ethernet self-configuring ADC/DAC boxes I dreamed up years ago, especially now that microcontrollers could do it for cheap

also tired: me, too much so to do that shit myself

this guy brewed up explosives, 50 milligrams of which will blow a beer can almost clean in half when lit with ordinary cannon fuse

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started playing around with core rope memory
initial tests using a piece of wire stuck across a 9v were promising, it coupled enough current to light an led, so i tried it with a little 555 square wave generator

it dimly lights the led but no where near enough to really be noticable and the drive transistor is getting super hot

not sure what the next step is... bigger drive transistor?
or i guess i could just wrap the whole core and see if that works

@[email protected] I think this post crashes Fedilab repeatedly when displayed in home timeline but not in thread view. Not 100% certain this is the right post, I had to tap quickly before the app crashed.

@[email protected] finding some crash bugs in Fedilab and have installed from F-droid, is there a way to submit logs?

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Mastodon users,

If you want to protect your followers' privacy, you can make your follower lists private:

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Preferences
3. Tick the "Hide your network" box
4. Select "Save Changes"

You will still see your list of followers, but others won't.

(This also hides the list of who you follow.)

#MastoTips #Mastodon #Privacy

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I see the police - and agencies like the FBI as some kind of animal like entity. It moves, it eats, it hunts. You can't openly fight against it (except through politics), but a lot of time it eats assholes and fraudsters. This is the thing: it has its own agenda. Sometimes it favors you, and sometimes not. Treat it like a force of nature.

Blindly classifying it as an enemy at all times is, IMO, terribly short sighted.

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"This does not seem like a reasonable set of dependencies to me. In particular, using two interpreted languages, two databases, and a separate web server presumably acting as a frontend, all seems like overkill. I look forward to when the Mastodon devs are able to tame this complexity, and reduce the codebase to a something like single (ideally non-interpreted) language and a single database. Until then, I’ll pass.”

Full ACK. (/via

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So, I just published "Building software together with Git" on my #blog: 🎉

It's a rather high-level, non-technical overview explaining what is software collaboration and how tools like #Git and #GitHub actually help with that.

It assumes little prior knowlegde from the reader, and attempts to explain the technical concepts in accessible ways.

Many thanks to @GinnyMcQueen for the initial idea, @y6nH for proofreading and everyone for the feedback!

This place is gonna be more fun when 🚨Omg Defederating From Instance X Omg 🚨 doesn't really mean anything because instances with >100 users are the rare exception.

This will be the case a *lot* sooner than many people seem to think, btw.

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Pleroma is now a Mastodon Sponsor

One of the biggest platforms sharing the space with Mastodon just ended up supporting it financially.

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re: meta, pol 

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"Facebook has targeted politicians around the world – including the former UK chancellor, George Osborne – promising investments and incentives while seeking to pressure them into lobbying on Facebook’s behalf against data privacy legislation, an explosive new leak of internal Facebookdocuments has revealed."

#Privacy #Facebook

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