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The limitation of conservative creativity may also come into play that they're treating it as a market competition problem. If it were, they may have succeeded.

I wish it were a market, because we need competition. It doesn't behave like a market because:

Big Tech is willing to lose money year after year to remain dominant, and can afford to do so.

YouTube has lost money every year of its existence. Hard to compete with on a profit basis.

YouTube acts as a "loss leader" for Google, because Google makes money elsewhere.

Google/Facebook/etc absolutely do get large amounts of money from the government, despite being called a "private company", despite being publicly traded and so not private.

Then they're allowed by the government to collude and act as a cartel/guild, suppressing competition.

It's not a free market, so competition cannot arise. It's an oligopoly in an increasingly anti-capitalist model.
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📣#FreedomBox 21.0 was released & uploaded to #Debian unstable. It will migrate to #testing in 2 days, then can be uploaded. ⚙️🔨🔧

The News:
-Allow downloads in openvpn & backups
-Updates for 8 languages 🌐
-12 contributed 🥸


got my lil server with my stimulus check.. ~2015 i5.. 4 core / 4 thread, 16GB ram, 250GB spinning rust, small form factor Dell desktop, $155 all in. that's a decent chunk of compute for the price

If you can't rally the cognitive & emotional & institutional resources necessary to identify destructive behavior and remove people who repeatedly engage in it, you have absolutely no business running or participating in any sort of social movement.

This is a fundamental truth for *any* long-term concerted mass effort, and until it's well handled among US leftists, people who want to see left policy goals enacted will continue to accomplish very little.

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The so-called Left in the United States has a *huge* problem with not only tolerating but elevating destructive assholes.

I watched this dynamic destroy what started out as a very successful Occupy Wall Street demonstration in my city, and I've watched it plenty of times since, especially in the fediverse teapot.

Even people whose opinions I otherwise respect have bent the knee to people who claim to be on the right side of history, but who are in fact giant assholes.

Enough is enough.

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*observes two tabby-colored comets streaking away from the sink in a panic*

welp they've finally discovered the motion activated faucet my housemates put in

(thing saves so much water when hand washing dishes tbh)

uspol, Trump techlash 

Trump Banned from Social Media -- Free Speech & Big Tech.

In the segment, Jimmy highlights a quote from Caitlin Johnstone:

"This isn't about tolerance. It's about trusting government-tied tech oligarchs to regulate speech around the world on monopolistic speech platforms."

To be clear: I reserve exactly the same amount of tooth & claw for left-wing authoritarians as I do for right-wing authoritarians.

Sadly I won't be able to announce it for various reasons, I'll have to just sit back & watch the frothing over time.

And to think, I had a nanosecond of pause over being asked to help bootstrap a left-libertarian instance. Well, today settled that question for good.

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I'm going to greatly enjoy bringing a bunch of people into the fediverse fold that aren't Censorious SJW Approved.

Been working on it for months now, just so it's clear this isn't some lame flash in the pan like all the sjw platforms which (surprise) never got built.

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And once people start abusing a developer because their software doesn't censor its users? Those people have become the very thing they hate so passionately.

fedilab 🔥 

ah, scrolled a bit further and just as I suspected, it was the shrieking, snarling pack of utterly useless "sjw" hyenas who never created or did a useful thing in their entire lives, who accomplished this.

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Saw the writing on the wall when he stopped developing Fedilab a few months ago.

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I'm really sad to hear that Thomas decided to leave all social networks and with it the development of #Fedilab.

It was always my preferred app for #Mastodon and #Friendica. I will continue to use it as long as possible and hope that others will pick it up.

I can understand his decision on a personal level and wish him all the best. We should not allow such toxic behavior in our communities and take a clear stance against it.

#FreeSoftware and #OpenSource #community

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Henlo fediblobs

I would like to gather your opinions on ZeroNet, I2P, IPFS, and GNUNet.

Boosts welcome!

uspol techlash 

Twitter said late Monday it purged more than 70,000 accounts affiliated with QAnon following the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol last week…

On Monday, Facebook announced a series of additional policy moves, including a new crackdown against posts that reference “stop the steal”…

[And] Parler filed a new lawsuit against Amazon that alleges the company acted anti-competitively, and hypocritically, in choosing to suspend it…

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