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I've been using X2Go to stream audio from my main computer to the ancient laptop I use in the kitchen, and it appears to just send the raw uncompressed audio data

this is good, because then if I pipe that audio to a bluetooth speaker, at least it's only mangled once by bluetooth.

or, I can suck it up and use an aux cord, and the audio comes thru perfect!

streaming raw full-quality music is No Problem for wifi devices 3+ generations out of date as long as there's a halfway usable signal

being able to perceive bluetooth 5.0 audio compression at max quality isn't a trait I'm fond of

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uspol, covid public relations fail 

so a couple days ago the CDC decided to cut quarantine recommendations from 10 days to 5 to get people back to work faster

this is coming out at the same time as "officials" and "experts" are urging the proles to cancel their holiday events

it's hard to overstate just HOW extremely negative the reaction to this is on social media. a lot of normies are getting a good strong shot of wakey-wake juice and they are FUCKING PISSED.
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by desiring a system equalizer on a pulseaudio system I am probably really, really, really Asking For It, huh.

got a new bluetooth speaker for xmas, that's good, I have been extremely faithful to my $19 literally-cyberpunk one (it has a disco mode and a thick chinese accent) but it's just not powerful enough rly

most hotly anticipated xmas day item: my former roommates' 2 cats

In typography, a dinkus is a typographic symbol which often consists of three spaced asterisks in a horizontal row, i.e.   ∗ ∗ ∗  . The symbol has a variety of uses, and it usually denotes an intentional omission or a logical "break" of varying degree in a written work. Historically, the dinkus was often represented as an asterism, ⁂, though this use has fallen out of favor and is now nearly obsolete.[3]

I hope everyone has a good and stress-free Christmas as possible 🎁

I can't tell the not-the-rona tired apart from the social overload tired, either way I need multiple days of rest and there is a near zero chance I will be getting that any time soon.

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To my terminal & serial-console using friends, I wish a festive terminus.

To my hard-copy output using friends, I wish you a peaceful printout.

To my screen-reader-using friends, may your Braille output or TTS be blessed.

To my GUI using friends, I wish a merry Xmas.

I'm beyond exhausted and I have roughly 30 more hours of Christmas to deal with.

wikipedia AfD troll to stackoverflow pipeline

I was big into wikipedia in 2004 or so. Among many other things, I sourced a few public domain photos that were photo of the day and whatnot.

Too much contact with the "regulars" put an end to that, I wanna say probably by 2006.

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I'm honestly inclined to think this was a false negative despite being a PCR test because

* literally everyone in my "pod" has either gotten sick, tested positive, or both within the past 2 weeks

* symptoms are exactly consistent with what is being reported for Omicron breakthroughs

* we are in the middle of a very large covid surge in my immediate area

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