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One of the main reasons we don’t have a truly decentralised internet is actually really simple: it’s the fact that providers globally don’t give us symmetric upload/download speeds and fixed IP addresses at home. Kills decentralisation at the root. 1/2

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mh question 

how do you cope with *gestures vaguely* pending social collapse?

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- can not be turned in to alcohol
- uses electricity
- requires regular updates

- can be turned in to vodka
- can be used to generate electricity
- regrows itself*

* some peaceful gardening required

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@rysiek Agree. Unfortunately however, a lot of emphasis is put on self-hosting rather than community hosting these days and "run your own stuff, it's not that difficult" is am advice much more common than "support a hosting community". Consequently, there's a lack of structure and culture of building and fostering communities, at least from what I see. Not even talking about communities doing more than "just" running software.

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#Gitea is joining the fediverse 🎉 We can now announce we've been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to.

Thank you to @NGIZero @dachary @forgefriends and so many others for getting us to this point.

We are very much looking forward to many wonderful things that federation within forges can support.

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Best firmware I've found so far for the Watchy.

It's pretty slick. A bunch of nice watchfaces, supports weather, mutiple access points plus a number of other configurable features.

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The SL hype train got people thinking everything would happen in the virtual world. Many major corporations invested in large presence in world. Serious political candidates held rallies in world. All this seems to have gone down the memoryhole.

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one BIG thing I'm going to miss after collapse takes it away forever, is having practically every herb & spice commonly used by human beings available in a cabinet 3 feet from the stove

AMD introducing an 8 core / 16 thread CPU with 96MB of L3 cache

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covid, uspol, assessing Biden's performance 

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usa, covid 

The covid surge happening where I live now is truly beyond all comparison
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and by thin client I mean everything but video streaming via X2Go remote desktop and/or using as xterm

and by lite browsing I mean 7 browser windows with handfuls to a couple dozen tabs each, though of course not all loaded at the same time (as when the browser restarts a session, or if using a tab auto-hibernate extension)

so.... the machine is getting thoroughly exercised, at a decade old. the hardware has to work. but it's never once been so slow as to piss me off.

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still amazed by how useful a decade plus old dual core laptop with 4GB max ram is as a thin client and lite browsing machine (with sufficient adblock)

granted it's a highly upgradable tank, but still... it was usable when it had a spinning disk in it, with a SSD it's even better.

I'm waiting on my roommate to print me a riser bracket so I can stick a half-height 802.11n card in it and drastically increase the wifi speed. the tiny antenna connectors are oxidized, though.

at any rate, the quality is still the minimum I'll tolerate and not like the worst/bad old days of Bluetooth on Linux. if I decide I'm worried about it, I'll use a wire.

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having sadly refreshed myself on the state of Bluetooth audio, it appears that the old laptop is sending audio to the speaker using the ancient SBC codec at around 350Kbps.

there are hacks that can be used to drastically improve the quality with this codec on many devices (starting by using true dual channel stereo instead of mid-side "stereo") but so far the verdict appears to be "not on Debian 11, and no plans to make it so"

(this will instantly go from convenient to annoying as soon as I start using >1 output device, but for now I don't, so it's great)

((really wish for a somewhat more sophisticated EQ plugin for , the output quality of VLC's equalizier in "2 pass" mode seems perceptibly better))

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one weird benefit of my audio streaming setup: since I use the same bluetooth speaker for music in my room and elsewhere in the house, it's convenient to run One True Copy of on my main PC and stream its audio output to wherever I need it, because it applies the digital EQ to the audio stream before piping it thru X2Go and to my remote PC... which is using the same speaker so the EQ settings are correct and I don't have to worry about them

the main downside of is it doesn't work for desktop environments which require / make heavy use of compositing

I get around this by not using such environments where possible, or by just using X2Go to launch a terminal and then running individual applications from there, as if it's an improved replacement for 'ssh -XC'

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