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gender oppression, big tech, Saudi Arabia, pressure campaigns 

@[email protected] Would you be open to some suggestions (mockups) for the scheduled toots/boots UI?

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Light, nonessential crowdfunding (brutaldon) 

I'm broke af so I figured I'd at least re-boost the drive to get the Fedilab (Mastalab) dude a laptop, he's super responsive to bug reports and feature requests. I've watched the app grow by leaps and bounds. If you can spare even $5, it's WELL spent, the app is really in a class all its own among interfaces to the fediverse in some ways. There's a gofundme type page in the thread as well.

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You deserve the fund and Librem 15.

You've contributed so much.

You, all alone, built whole a new system with Fedilab/Mastalab.

It's not simply a #Mastodon or Pleroma client.

It's more than client for a web.

E.g. one can simply follow an other instance from one own account is simple original idea of Mastalab.

And recent support of Ostatus, hat off you.

To me, you are a big inspiration, Tom!


Next question, since I have come to appreciate the feng shui of my environments in shaping my willingness to do a thing: what are good ways to develop on without touching a lick of Java?

I'll entertain any suggestion that's both stable/unlikely to bite me with its own bugs, and has a reasonably large userbase exercising it. I personally enjoy Python but I'm open to other cool languages.

I have always liked UI/UX work though, I feel like mobile apps might be an area where I could shine? The other I suspect being whatever Venn diagram contains both microcontrollers and weird glue code (I first got paid to code in high school, developing automated ways to transmogrify & normalize previously hand-edited scientific bibliographies.)

I wonder if I could be any good at Android development, because I'll be damned if there isn't still a need for a Google Calendar reminders workalike in Y2K19. (A mission-critical need for me, at any rate, and I suspect others who have a complex relationship with linear time.)

But like. It'd be so much more a thing I might actually do if I could get even $50/mo out of it. And I would open source it and I just don't know how well beg-ware gets compensated, even for cool fedi devs.

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PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware 

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Instagram ranked worst for young people’s mental health [0].

I am very aware of the toxic side of IG and look forward to establishing Pixelfed Labs [1]. The goal is to get the community involved in solving these tough issues through discussions, proposals and implementations.

We can build better alternatives if we work together!

[0] -

[1] -

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I'm so old I remember when the entire tech industry FREAKED THE HECK OUT at the idea of 'Total Information Awareness' and now it's just 'yeah, that's literally our business plan, what's wrong with it'

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if you have any (achievable) ideas you'd like to see implemented in #FediBooks, let me know!

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@maloki I've long been interested in a hacker/community-oriented standards org. IETF is the closest we have, but isn't quite that. Though one thing the W3C does have is its patent non-aggression policy, and the reason that works is that it's able to bring a bunch of corporate participants to the table. I don't think a hacker standards org could do that. (There's also some government groups that will only accept work that come from "official" standards groups.)

Maybe it's still worth trying.

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meta, worries 

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mastalab rebranded as fedilab and changed the logo with latest update, I thought I had misplaced it entirely as one sometimes does

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Study Shows Richest 0.00025% Owns More Wealth Than Bottom 150 Million Americans: "U.S. wealth concentration seems to have returned to levels last seen during the Roaring Twenties."

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Don’t bring #lefttwitter culture to the fediverse. Literally fuck off with that.

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