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kinda wild that a CPU discontinued in 2017 is still fetching close to $200

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need me an i7 4790

and also to not pay for it since i don't have the scratch, as my fellow kids say

is this some DNS over HTTPS skulduggery, man wtf.

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how on earth does one get DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN on http when the site works properly on https :dis_app_face:

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usa, uk, covid 

Omicron may be headed for a rapid drop in Britain, US

Scientists are seeing signals that COVID-19′s alarming omicron wave may have peaked in Britain and is about to do the same in the U.S., at which point cases may start dropping off dramatically.

The reason: The variant has proved so wildly contagious that it may already be running out of people to infect, just a month and a half after it was first detected in South Africa.


I really need to get a cheap alarm clock so I can get this damn Google surveillance puck out of my room. But it's extremely important I have another alarm to my watch and my phone is dead, so the puck remains.

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I'm still gonna talk about #GameDev a lot on my main, but I'm probably going to start posting even more stream-of-consciousness stuff at @UnicornSausage!
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Reminder: tor 0.3.5 reaches it's end of life on 2022-02-01 (in 3 weeks from now).

Over 700 relays - about 7% of the network's guard capacity
currently still run this soon unsupported tor version.

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@deutrino If you're interested in sticking with software development, another option to consider is industrial systems. Industrial automation is booming at the moment, with an increasing focus on data collection (from machines, not people), visualization, and reporting. It's not perfect or glamorous, but it pays.

Source: It's kinda what I do

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I've been meaning to start a blog for a while, this seemed like a good opportunity. Here's my first impressions of the PinePhone keyboard:

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me reading about the butlerian jihad in dune: thats silly, why would people want to destroy all computers

me after living through the 2010s: ah

(I'm both elderly in fedi years and was a REALLY late baby for my dad, stfu)

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All the clues to this were present when I built my first web site developed for someone else, and when my dad (part of the "someone else") went to check it out, we immediately got into a fight about the navigation, because he was literally born before the Great Depression and didn't understand how people born after 1980 use a web site.

It has been some form of this, repeating ad nauseam, with I'd say about 4 out of 5 web gigs ever since.

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My main problems making this transition happen:

* I have no idea how to break into sysadmin gig work and collect repeat customers

* My dispatch reliability is terrible due to externalities which I have yet to solve

* My ability to stand up my own indie tech stack to support all this (consulting or coding or both) is drastically impacted by externalities which I have yet to solve

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Sounds prima donna until you work in the trenches being a web monkey.

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I'm coming to realize, literally over 20 years late, that to continue making money from my tech skills in the long term, I need to transition from being a web monkey into doing contract sysadmin work, and indie app / plugin type development.

The main reason is because I find it intensely unpleasant to work on websites built by cargo cult, subsequently left in horrible states of decay & disrepair, whose owners still believe they are qualified to have many more opinions than they actually are.

lmfaoooo did Google really have the gall to whine in public about *Apple's* messaging strategy??? 🤣

anyone have experience with Google Business Profile Manager?

how the hell do you get it to show you existing ads? the only way I can find into ads is the "create an ad" link, and I don't want to run that %@%# wizard if I can help it

also i probably haven't logged in to any pods in like 5 years and still getting birthday emails

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lol, going thru my email and it's hilarious how many people on diaspora✱ have birthdays on 31 december or 1 january

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