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I released ThirdStats v1.8.0 🥳

✅ Thunderbird 91 compatibility
🏷️ Tagged and starred emails
📊 Fixed bar chart tooltips
💚 Improved similar metrics for email counts

Full Release Notes:

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Wow, ThirdStats just got its 100th star on GitHub! 🥳

Thanks to all contributors, bug reporters, discussants and users of ThirdStats! You are awesome! 👏

I released ThirdStats v1.7.0 🎉

🎨 Background Gradients
🚧 Data not final Indication
🍩 Fixed Doughnut Tooltips
🌐 Fully translated in 9 languages

... and more.

Full Release Notes:

Get your own Email Stats:

There are some great features in PHP 8 I would love to use in JavaScript too:

➡ named arguments
➡ match expression
➡ optional chaining

I released ThirdStats v1.4.0 :blobparty:

➕ Account comparison
➕ Custom accounts colors
➕ Reset options option
💚 Uniform and clearer interface
🌔 Nightly builds

... and more.

See full release:

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My humble contribution to honor every creative person who contributes to , doesn't matter how much or less. Thank you all. ♥


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