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dear apple mail,

please stop adding random line breaks to the beginning of my messages

(also some real formatting options like link text and de-styling text pasted from other apps would be nice)


Me: I'm gonna do things

Me, several hours later: I haven't done any things

giving friends on discord relationship advice based on my experiences, even though i’ve never been in a relationship

what could go wrong

not really personal, dreams 

writing down a dream I had for the first time ever

it’s kinda weird because on one hand I’m like “how the heck do I think of these things when I’m asleep am I okay” but on the other hand I’m thinking “I could write an entire series of books that take place in this weird, alternate reality I dreamed of and they’d probably become bestsellers”

"Step 1: Run 'gcc hello_world.c'. Step 2: Run 'a'. Step 3: "'a' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." Dammit McAfee."

submitted by Greenbay7115

asexuals on Xbox live be like
"I had a wonderful evening dinner with your mom last night"

Radiohead but Thom Yorke's head is actually a radio

anyone else get weirded out and self-conscious over how often we use the word “I”? like why do I refer to myself so often when I could talk about literally anyone else

Hot take just kidding 

a musical is a genre where music tells the story, but neither the music nor the story are particularly good

wanting to try self-hosting a pleroma instance one of these days, doesn’t seem *too* hard judging from the docs and i like the idea of running my own fediverse server for my own fediverse-related shenanigans

(even if i still find a way to mess it up, which will undoubtedly happen)

that's a nice post, i wonder what other kinds of things they post

[ 5 seconds later ]

... oh

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