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new garage door opener has an option to let an amazon driver open your garage door to safely deliver packages inside

why the heck would you want that

"stop doing math" is one of the only good meme formats to have come out of this year


i think twitter was a much better site when tweets were only 140 characters

jokes aside microsoft should really replace the auto-hide animation they've been using since 95 with the (much smoother) one they've been using in full screen UWP apps for a while now

all this talk about yet another ui refresh and this is basically the only thing i want

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so apparently the "auto-hide taskbar" feature in windows doesn't actually hide the taskbar because it still takes up two pixels on the top of my display

i will be personally contacting microsoft about this glaring flaw in their software

"Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience."

thank you nintendo

kinda funny how iTunes is actually a decent tool for managing your music library (aside from no flac support) and syncing it to your iPod but absolutely sucks for managing files and content on iOS devices

the art of conversation - pretending you know what the heck they're talking about

you know you're in for it when you get a text, tap the notification, and the message doesn't even fit on your screen

(i have a 19.5:9 phone, btw)

sfw but cursed amazon product 

was browsing amazon and found one of the most cursed adapters ever (with one day prime shipping, no less)

why do creative, original, or actually good things that get popular have to be completely decimated by the communities that claim to enjoy them

"do you have any siblings?"
"yeah, i have a brother"
my brother:

some days it really feels like my brain has 500 reallocated sectors

how would one go about illegally changing their name

the next person to mention anything related to "among us" will be banished to the shadow realm

"but" is the most powerful word in the english language

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