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hey all, sorry to have left you in the dark for almost a month - life's been busy and i've been distancing myself from social media because of that

anyways, i'm moving over to @[email protected] so if you somehow enjoy my low effort posts, feel free to follow me over there :)

made this pretty quickly in gimp with a screenshot of the dash animation, it's far from perfect if you want to pixel peep but i'm bored so

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hey, since you can't fit anything in your pockets, why not carry around everything you've ever owned in this heavy disorganized bag that can be easily stolen when you're in public

"sure, I'll try it"

they should add more hours per day so i can spend them not doing anything

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very bad windows joke 

call me Microsoft Basic Display Adapter because I can't sleep

just saw an ad for a "curated music discovery service" that will offer you one personalized song recommendation per day for $5 a month

uh... who is this even marketed towards? spotify is free and recommends new music anyways

starting all of my new emails with "My fellow Americans..."

voice training 

voice training to sound like the lady from the windows xp tour

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