sfw but cursed amazon product 

was browsing amazon and found one of the most cursed adapters ever (with one day prime shipping, no less)

"do you have any siblings?"
"yeah, i have a brother"
my brother:

there's something about chillhop/lofi jazz style tracks (especially with guitar) that really helps me unwind after a long day

controlling my phone using an iPod video because apparently I can

so one of my friends gets suspended on twitter and now everyone i know is moving to mastodon

this is the good ending

I'm repurposing an old PC and since I'm too cheap to buy a proper internal drive, here's Arch booting from a random flash drive I had lying around

(it's not done since I don't have a desktop installed yet but I'm not doing this at 1am lol)

no regrets.
(some of them are marked as not working but I still couldn't pass this up lol)

likely crypto scam idk 

i don't think anyone asked tj

great opportunity to plug the fact i'm on element/matrix and it's ok

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