being wanted means you're either entering a relationship or getting sent to jail

@evynhh yet another band that proves the "rock is loud and annoying" stereotype i was raised on is dead wrong

some great tracks there. give me a week or two and they'll probably be stuck in my head. 9/10

@monarrk another album i probably would have never found on my own, each track was practically it's own genre but it still felt really coherent as an album and i'm always a fan of good gapless tracks

kinda reminded me of 100 gecs in a couple spots, but not in a bad way - also heard some drum and bass and *maybe* edm influence, sorry if i sound stupid here i'm bad with labels

good set, i'm impressed. cartridge was probably my favorite track.


@goldcrazykid one must do a little trolling on occasion


@jordiisepic can't say i've ever considered myself a huge fan of rap or r&b in particular but i found this album really easy to listen to, and i really enjoyed the variety and kanye's style more than i thought i would - this stuff could easily get stuck in my head lol

did find myself skipping a few tracks with some heavier swearing but otherwise a solid album all around


@odyssey346 rock. robot rock. (it's daft punk, need i say more?) - 9/10

@furokku i've also been meaning to listen to the rest of the album since it's really easy to forget he had other songs

together forever and whenever you need somebody are two of the more popular ones i've heard and it's kinda funny how they're basically the same as never gonna give you up but also completely different

@furokku unironically one of my favorite 80's songs

i really love the instrumental and the stereo drum hits on this track (it would probably sound even better if I had better headphones lol), but rick's voice just completes it all

9.5/10 easily

let's do something fun

name any song or album and I'll try to listen to it today and give you my thoughts. no rules or anything, I just want to expand my library a bit

new garage door opener has an option to let an amazon driver open your garage door to safely deliver packages inside

why the heck would you want that

"stop doing math" is one of the only good meme formats to have come out of this year


i think twitter was a much better site when tweets were only 140 characters

jokes aside microsoft should really replace the auto-hide animation they've been using since 95 with the (much smoother) one they've been using in full screen UWP apps for a while now

all this talk about yet another ui refresh and this is basically the only thing i want

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so apparently the "auto-hide taskbar" feature in windows doesn't actually hide the taskbar because it still takes up two pixels on the top of my display

i will be personally contacting microsoft about this glaring flaw in their software

"Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience."

thank you nintendo

@1e1001 sure it is, my hair just happens to be extra messy today

kinda funny how iTunes is actually a decent tool for managing your music library (aside from no flac support) and syncing it to your iPod but absolutely sucks for managing files and content on iOS devices

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