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I'd guess it's either an accessibility feature or just left in the code from something like old Edge where it would actually make sense to have

but it doesn't seem to really do anything, and you can usually (somewhat) navigate these apps with a keyboard anyways

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why does practically every default windows 10 uwp app (like camera, paint 3d, cortana, photos, etc.) offer to turn on caret browsing when you press f7

cloudflare outage takes down half the internet: a netflix original series

Just released v1.1 of a little project I've been working on for way too long - RPCGecko is a Python application that adds Discord Rich Presence support to the Wii U using TCPGecko. It's configurable, easy to use, and open source.

vscode: Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files? This is irreversible!

also vscode: lets you undelete files in your workspace with ctrl+z

thinking about the dell optiplex gx240 from 2002

i am going to sleep. this might be a controversial decision on my part but i hope you will understand

"your hair is such a mess"

... and your point is?

happy valentines day to everyone except me because i completely forgot about it

i don't get why "go to your room" is used as a form of punishment for kids, nowadays i'd rather be in my room than just about anywhere

broke: removing redundancy and unnecessary functions in my program to make it less bloated and easier to maintain

woke: removing all the newlines so I can say it has fewer lines of code

thinking back to when this tv station near me had a 24/7 weather radar subchannel and i would jam out to the music they played on it all the time

sometimes I wish voice_enable 0 worked in real life

programming is just spending an hour and a half trying to get one line of text to appear on my screen

this is the third or fourth time I've forgotten to turn off bluetooth and blasted a completely random video at 100% volume across the house

saying "hello" or "how are you doing":
- cumbersome
- outdated
- overly personal
- too many letters and syllables to handle
- only works if you speak the same language

+ short, consise, minimalist, and to the point
+ respects others' privacy
+ modern and forward thinking
+ universally recognizable in most languages
+ has potential comedic value

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think I'm going to start greeting people with "h" and nothing more

there's something about chillhop/lofi jazz style tracks (especially with guitar) that really helps me unwind after a long day

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