It's my birthday today.

I wish myself more Mastodon time, and I also wish more Mastodon people, which I know.

Facebook starts becoming very, very polarized, and too shitty place to be. But the swarm of people I know makes it impossible to migrate to anything else.

Twitter is even worse: the paradise for the ultratolerast, new-liberal-lefties.

I hope one day Mastodon will thrive, but until then...

I don't know how many toots I do here. Probably one per year?!

How do you find Mastodon?

Влиза един 60 кг човечец в асансьора и гледа един огромен негър. Негърът поглежда надолу и казва:
-210 см, 160 кг, 39 см к*р, 2 кг ташаци, Търнър Браун.
Човечецът припада.
Негърът се навежда, бие му шамарчета, свестява го и го пита:
-К'во стана бе, пич?
-Извинете, ама какво точно ми казахте преди малко?
-Отговорих на въпросите, които най-често ми задават: висок съм 210 см, тежа 160 кг, 39 см к*р, 2 кг т*шаци, казвам се Търнър Браун.
-Oх, така кажи бе човек - аз чух ТЪРН АРАУНД.

Soo... how to attract more people to Mastodon?

I'm wondering....

Does someone know a Bulgarian server? :)

Great team building event ended. Two days at Aegean Melathon hotel, Chalkidiki, Greece.

Good times!

"What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months".

-- Fred Brooks

So, how do you feel about Mastodon? Is the silence freak you out sometimes? I've got only one, very noisy @NewsBot here, and pretty much nothing else.

How do we make this place better?

seminar, part 4/4.

The right to be forgotten:

Today: "I'm exercising my Right to be Forgotten. Forget me now!"

One year later: "Please prove that you really forgot me."

Kill me, kill me now!

Two-factor authentication in Mastodon is a great thing, but what happens if a phone gets stolen, or broken, or hard-reset before un-linked?

What's the way to recover the account from such situation?

I'm a technical person, a computer geek by heart and soul.

Today I'm in management and leadership, which gets harder and harder, given the massive demand for people across many businesses.

I'm politically biased to the libertarian-right, probably the softest form of it - minarchist liberalism. I've remembered, read, and understood the hell, through which my country went during the communist times, so if you want to push my buttons, start reminding me "how good it was before."

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