Google's plan for a censored search engine in China also blacklists terms like “Nobel Prize” and “human rights.”

Stop using #Google. Here are great privacy-friendly alternatives: #GoodbyeGoogle

@Tutanota @bob Don't unironically advocate for Brave browser. Tutanota should really rethink this mention. A browser created for "free speech" (coded language) by Brendan Eich, the disgraced ex-Mozilla CEO who was dismissed for his refusal to accept same-sex marriage as valid. If ideology isn't enough, it performs like crap and has had several updates break the entire browser. The rest of the article is good, so I can't stress enough how much this point needs changed.


@alice @Tutanota The battle against proprietary software combines people of all politics and ideologies, it's dangerous to start excluding based on that. With that said, Brave has serious privacy concerns with their Terms and Privacy Policy and probably shouldn't be recommended.

@doublah @Tutanota It's really not "dangerous" to exclude an anti-gay ideologue who should never have power again. Free software advocates know that adopting software gives its proprietors power.

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