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Most of the times it is realized only after the fact, that it is never worth your while to try going the extra mile to patch things with anyone. They'll slack off just as much. Best to let their grip slip off.

Wow, the latest Palemoon update is intense! It literally feels like a new browser. Well done to the PM team. #foss

Me: I love cereal! I should have a big bowl!

Stomach: You know how much I hate milk, right?

Me: But I love cereal! This time it will be different!

Stomach: This means war.

"If this project is dead, just tell us":

This refers to a popular but stagnant Python project, but is a broad analogy for many others.

Also, if you're currently using Python+Pipenv, upgrade to Poetry. Thank me later.

i don't get why would people expect me to treat them nicely when i haven't been in a scenario exactly like that? i don't have time alive to repeat every single experience with every single person. every single experience cached in memory tweaks the next similar experience, even if it's a mirror experience, where i switch roles. for example, my sorry isn't good enough, i don't give a fuck about your sorry, no matter who you are, how close you are and how offended you get with my callousness.

first you meet and make a lot of friends growing up. then you move apart, because you never get ready to trust people you can call friends in places with competitive career opportunities. then you keep in touch initially over few years. some drop off the radar, you drop off the radar...then it so also happens that they totally get in your radar but don't blip at all or you're blocked from seeing them blip on your radar. then you thank such friends for not further wasting your time with their tmi

After FB turns Whatsapp to an intrusive ad machine and piece of spyware:
They are gonna use whatsapp and the device it is installed on to mine their "crypto currency" #deletefacebook #callingit

how normal is it to have packet loss while pinging to your router? 15-18% packet loss. latency going from 4ms to 107ms

Chromium is MUCH more stable on my Debian system than Chrome was. When I would wake my machine Chrome would often lock up. It's a mess.

@admin i also checked on another instance, that only home and notifications use xhr+json and optionally a service worker. i can drop the other TLs but they use websockets and home and notifications are the minimum anyone needs

Depression is the most common disability in women - About 25% of all women will experience severe depression at some point in their lives.

@admin why do i see rate limited warnings on my desktop web browser ui of this instance? does opening and pinning all timelines (home, notifications, DMs, local and federated) get too much of a load?

i shut up when i can't be smart often that, people think i'm an introvert...i like to think so too.

that awkward moment when two user avatars look so similar that you often interact with the not fun person more than you like to.

Cory Docotorow's "Unauthorized Bread" is a dark but hopeful near-future story about a POC woman and her kid who work to liberate their neighbors from poverty by hacking their DRM-infected kitchen appliances. It's lovely, and from a future that feels inevitable.

It's in his recent story collection, "Radicalized", which is also available in e-library apps. You should read it.

If you started on your path to denounce big corp services with the easiest step of switching your web search engine, here's the next thing that you could look at giving up, for the sake of a less monopolized web, without disowning friends and family. Starve AMP to death. Here's how

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