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@fatboy as much as i hated it at the start... moc (run as mocp) is designed to run in a server client fashion.
$ mocp -S (starts the server)
$ mocp -a /path/to/music (add your music lib)
$ mocp -p (to play)
$ mocp -l http://url/to/onlineradio
close xterm no issues

$ mocp -i (check current song info
$ mocp -G (pause/unpause)
$ mocp -s (stop)

you can close the terminal after any and every of those commands. open a new one and pass some more commands

wish someone wrote this doc ;)

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Most of the times it is realized only after the fact, that it is never worth your while to try going the extra mile to patch things with anyone. They'll slack off just as much. Best to let their grip slip off.

this page or book could do with a search feature if they can't simply put a "system requirements" page or topic. I mean even man pages have search in them...and how does one even guess if and where the "system requirements" or "recommended configuration" page or content be...if at all they bothered

We shouldn't discriminate between Linux distros, but rather celebrate that you are using Linux. In the end, we are all using the same kernel. #FossLove

Our pediatrician has something to say about people who refuse to wear masks.

"SNI is an addition to the TLS protocol that enables a server to host multiple TLS certificates at the same IP address."

how do they all listen on same port (443 i guess)

solved with DoH. nice to have public pi based blocking dns services that have DNS over HTTPS, so at least the browser can work...on the laptop. there goes my curiosity to learn and configure tor on the laptop...again!

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also none of the sites blocked including duckduckgo work just with changing the DNS...i have almost always used DNS not used by the ISP since I discovered OpenDNS way back when it started getting popular and it actually helped speed up even the slowest of barely eligible "broadband".
here is the error message for going to the https version (screenshot attached). this is not a DNS lookup failed error. not being decentralized these days is a big weak point that dictators willingly attack.

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the page returns "The URL has been blocked as per the instructions of the Competent Government Authority/ in compliance to the orders of Court of Law."

i don't see any 'Competence' here at all.

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i could listen to that stream even if i don't know all the songs or even like all of them. does play my choices as well..

The ability to say what is on one's mind is so tied into individual freedom and true liberty, that any attempt to curtail it by an external force is the violent theft of a man or woman's right to live free, but instead enslaves them to other peoples' opinions.

If a person thinks that censorship (silencing the voices) of those they disagree with is a good thing, then they are encouraging slavery of the masses to their viewpoints. And by doing silencing others, have become the slave masters.

is there an easy way to turn a directory of audio files into a podcast...where as and when i download files to it on the home network , the feed gets regenerated and any podcatcher on my phone can just fetch the new files as i add them...hopefully they will be sorted by time of adding them into the feed.

I love mail that doesn't even try to just straight up flash their phishiness blindingly. see someone trying really hard here...

the folder is often delicious to look at.

nowadays I keep checking my spam mails for someone who would put my password in the subject line with hopes of getting rewarded in bitcoin. one of the ways of "forgot password" reminder system, that tells you the passwords that you shoud definitely forget though.

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once...just once i tried to see if i was capable enough to understand and use LUKS encryption on my drive. thankfully it was on a smaller volume of 16gb on my usb pen drive. probably a break of few months passed between its uses (was using it in the workplace and then left the workplace and working for good with pandemic extending my vacation) and forgot my password right away. I was still in the "think of a password, don't generate it" mindset. I kinda even forgot what all contents I lost there

I see Arch has an outdated version of Netsurf?
Can anyone here please notify the powers at be? #Arch #packages

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