3 computers replaced, and old data backed up, an additional computer picked up for decom, a second monitor installed for another user, and for yet another user, network connectivity issue fixed. This was in the span of 4 hours, I'm pretty fucking proud of myself :3

RHEL 7.5 installation is prehistoric level shit when compared to SLES 12 SP4

@poetgrant @jason @danyspin97 Do one thing and do it well. It's what made Unix great. Linux needs to go back to that standard. I don't want want Linux to become like windows and systemd is windows-like.


Microsoft has joined the Open Invention Network !!!!!!

60,000 patents or so

OIN were orignially set up as a way to protect against Microsoft patent challenges....

Do you think Microsoft will be refunding Redhat and others for their patent deals dating back to 2008/9

I want to be able to access my FF bookmarks via rofi or dmenu. If anyone knows a good way to do this, please let me know.

Is there a X11 forwarding equivalent on Wayland because I am not aware of that or seen such on SSH clients.

So, I went a little crazy with the VMs today πŸ˜€. Decided I'd make them a part of #ScreenshotSunday

- Manjaro budgie
- Deepin
- openSUSE Leap KDE
- ArchLabs i3

My favorites today were openSUSE :opensuse: and ArchLabs :archlinux: . Easy installs and had the most fun playing in them!

Happy Sunday :linux:

Is there any love here for Enlightenment? I used v19 as my window manager for quite some time. There's a... 'unique' charm to it. I especially like its terminal emulator, Terminology, with the nyanology theme. E17 is one of the first packages I remember being really enthused by back in the Ubuntu Dapper Drake days, before I fell in love with compiz and having my desktops on a cube, windows folding into paper planes, flying into the dock. πŸ’œ damn, I love linux. enlightenment.org

Try It Out is a website that lets you try different programming languages in the browser. It currently supports 217 "practical" programming languages, and 349 "recreational" (aka "esoteric", "evil") ones. tio.run

TIL if you're running a virtualised FreeBSD server with a virtio NIC you really want hw.vtnet.csum_disable=1 in /boot/loader.conf

Before: 917 Kbits/sec
After: 47.1 Mbits/sec

VSCodium: binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing github.com/VSCodium/vscodium

So, my little offer to write poetry of the Fediverse bloomed a little in just an hour. So i wrote a quick article explaining myself and what I'd like to offer.

A Little Experiment

P.S. The picture on my GoFundMe campaign is an original PoetGrant photo on top of Petit Jeane in Arkansas. :)

P.P.S. Yes, I sounded my "barbaric yawp" over the roofs of Arkansas. :D

@marsxyz @marxistpenguinist so you're saying it's like email. Still used as much as ever, but lots of people have joined the net and preferred other tools? There does seem to be a generation thing with net media. I was came online just a little too young for #UseNet, and a little too old for centralized social media. I'm adapting to micro-blogging here and now social chat with Wire. My preferred groupware is still mailing lists and web forums (I do like #StackExchange style Q&A) #GetOffMyLawn ;)

Stop saying RSS is dead people. I'm literally using it to read your shitty article about how it's dead

When the ego is hurt and the mind is blind to reason or rationale...

Why is inkscape lagging behind krita in terms of visibility? are both of them cross platform? can krita work without the kde framework? what are the basic theory lessons to equip one to use these tools?

What do you suggest for an entry to mid range portable Bluetooth speakers? and I'm not asking for any smartness.... in the speakers.

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