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Only from my peppermint linux laptop, which was doing a fabulous job all these days, of pairing with my JBL speakers in Audio Sink mode and playing crystal clear audio with thumping bass, is now just emitting sound like a RealAudio clip of the '90s that we streamed over dial up. The speakers are fine, because they sound great when I connect my phone to it. What else could I check? I also hear some click like noises as if like attenuating the bass.

got a few more things to figure out...maybe i'll hunt a bit.

when locking the screen on a DE/WM like MATE or XFCE etc., we get a screen to not only log back in but optionally to let someone else log in and get their work done while our session remains locked and still available. How do I get that lock screen with i3? i3lock doesn't show any option for another person to log in so what is this lock screen that these GUI heavy desktops use, called as? Thank you.

@admin On rejoining a wifi, when I need to login again, I get an error page saying, "Security verification failed. Are you blocking cookies?"

I am not. and all I do is just strip off everything to the right of mstdn.io/ and I'm here. Why such false allegations?? 🤣

i had a toot stuck in draft/edit mode for more than 3 days or whatever. that problem got solved as well.

Glad you asked!
1. Pages load twice as fast
2. Laptop battery lasts longer
3. My privacy isn't invaded by 50 different douchebro Silicon Valley companies
4. Your fucking site doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl and I can actually read your fucking articles

can't figure out why
A. the laptop wakes up from sleep when i turn on my bluetooth speaker that i have paired with it as trusted device. It's convenient when it is awake though.
B. After almost every wake from standby/suspend to RAM, the login screen appears, but after logging in, the screen goes blank but I can hear notifications coming in from Firefox and other apps.

It's 20ºC and 20:00 - time for ice cream and ice tea!

(That's 68ºF and 8:00 PM for y'all americans)

@ChrisWere the wifi being randomly cut off in my case was caused by the powersaving feature of network manager I added a conf.d file to disable powersaving and I have not had any problems since

Does anyone else running Ubuntu MATE or Xubuntu 19.04 find their WIFI randomly cutting out?

*IMPORTANT* OK people this is your time to shine. Tell me your favorite music track and I will listen to it and try to guess your personality to the best of my ability. Using the wheel pictured below and your favorite music track I will map out your attitude and persona(or whatever that stuff is called sandwiched between your psychological framework). If I don't guess it right you get to insult me leading to possible public humiliation....sounds good right? So DO it or BOOST it! PWEASE!!

how do i get the vm in virtualbox to begin with to be on same network as host machine. e.g. 192.168.x.x network instead of the 10.0.0.x address that the VM gets. wouldn't want to assign address statically

some of that paranoia just makes you think you look cool and that you are above the rest. The rest without whom there is nothing to socialize on social platforms. The rest who need to be aware of the playground they need to shift to and not without someone leading them to. Most paranoia is impractical even after overcoming the self-imposed restrictions on willpower. This ain't email or storage that only affects an individual who can choose to do things differently.

Back when I was a child I use to walk through the yard in the summer while the clover blossoms would bloom. They would be loaded with pollinators...bumblebees, orchard bees, honeybees, etc.Then one day it just stopped and years went on this way with no bees in the yard. I started to forget what honeybees even looked like. Now this year the honeybees are back in my yard but its because I brought them here. I have two hives and now i get to relive my youth once again. The bad part is that the wild bee population isn't what it used to be.

trying to follow this for the boot loader installation. it is an old machine without uefi, so hopefully these steps should hopefully help me get the bootloader working in the VM.

I generally like the Arch wiki like every one who, no matter what distro they use, can always look up topics and even packages for some great documentation. However I'm testing my ability (more like patience) to go through a detailed guide to install the distro in a vm. The details in the sub documents are quite thorough but it is the flow or the balance of content on the main guide that is there and not there. Like a tricky part like Boot Loader that I'm stuck on now has just one line to a link

So Facebook have been working on tools that monitor Facebook and Mark Fuckerberg memes?
Go forth and spawn those memes! #deletefacebook


people who installed Arch, is there a human readable resource within or without the Arch Wiki that explains the software groups that can be installed via pacstrap command when installing initially?

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