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@fatboy as much as i hated it at the start... moc (run as mocp) is designed to run in a server client fashion.
$ mocp -S (starts the server)
$ mocp -a /path/to/music (add your music lib)
$ mocp -p (to play)
$ mocp -l http://url/to/onlineradio
close xterm no issues

$ mocp -i (check current song info
$ mocp -G (pause/unpause)
$ mocp -s (stop)

you can close the terminal after any and every of those commands. open a new one and pass some more commands

wish someone wrote this doc ;)

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Most of the times it is realized only after the fact, that it is never worth your while to try going the extra mile to patch things with anyone. They'll slack off just as much. Best to let their grip slip off.

Looking for some content on Gemini websites?

Tech News would be great?
Any suggestions?

@Hawk1291 How does Matrix have a questionable owner? Why would it matter? Matrix is a protocol and all of it is free software.

Encryption is enabled by default in Element client, not entirely sure about others but anyhow, it's a client problem, not a matrix problem.

In no particular order:

Centralized, quite secure and fairly reliable. Has constant notification issues (which factors against reliability in a way)

Questionable owner entity, Advanced configuration needed to reliably enable encryption.

Super robust and reliable. Has the absolute ugliest clients and nearly unusable on iOS. Some encryption issues.

Centralized. Requires sensitive Personal information to use, Questionable owner entity. Lots of Users

So signal is having technical difficulties due to user influx. Signal didn't want to decentralize because it wanted to be able to continue to provide a reliable exoerience. Yet here they are unable to provide a reliable experience BECAUSE they are centralized.


I work with very delicate hardware that I break with a little bit of automation. How did I make it worse? By applying half baked knowledge of concurrency.

I have absolutely no reason to install and configure a 2-pane file manager. I had a nice one on my Amiga way back when, and I’ve played with mc and ranger a few times, but ultimately don’t need one at all.

And yet, the damned thing calls to me.

I spend approximately .1% of my time managing files, and this couldn’t possibly make me hyperefficient and superhuman.

But part of me still craves it, if only for nostalgia’s sake.

@sotolf it's the only way. Why waste space on a bar?

Some dwm goodness. I seem to have lost my mind and added some colour to Polybar. For those who know me, you'll know this is unusual as I normally am relatively monochromatic in this sort of thing. A minor thing to most but quite a change for myself. Still not 100% sure I like the colours.

I just ate half a packet of crisps, then sealed the packet with a plastic clip... as if I'm not going back to eat the rest of them in about 5 minutes 😂

Poetic Justice: Average user sees new T&Cs for Whatsapp, misreads them (sort of), spreads misinformation about WhatsApp on Facebook. Haha.

Day made! #deletewhatsapp

WhatsApp clarifies privacy practices after surge in Signal and Telegram users - The Verge

does have a command to check if a post upgrade reboot is pending? has zypper needs-rebooting. need for

In 2011, Arne (left) and Matthias (right) started working on Tutanota. Today we can offer not just the most secure mailbox, but also a fully encrypted address book and a zero-knowledge calendar. Stay tuned for lots of amazing new features in 2021! 😀🥳

what's a player that you recommend that has playback speed control and preferably but not necessarilly a stop after timer aka a sleep timer? I have gui apps with playback speed control like vlc, but i don't want to see a gui window for content that i don't need to look at.

I hope people migrate away from Whatsapp

Can Firefox start working on their Android browser? Where are the important addons such as ClearURLs, Canvas Blocker, Cookie autodelete?

so lost at work on the first day of work after christmas/shutdown 10 day break. Trying to not let the mind wander

what site or app pings aaDOTgoogleDOTcom continuously more than a few times per second...on a linux machine it is suspicious to me. i don't use google meet or hangouts and as of now the domain gets blocked by pi-hole but want to know the overactive proactive client process

At one point this afternoon, #dogecoin was up over 200% for the day.

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