if youre a toxic linux user that wants everyone to use barebones arch and a fullscreen cli and fully free software and attack anyone for doing anything else

An #admin question: say you get a mod report from another instance - not a user, but an instance. It’s not actionable, and while you don’t want to seem like you’re ignoring it, there’s no way to discuss it with the reporter. What do you do?

When the content you is just a barely functional you. I'd rather :-) avoiding everything than to risk facing my anxieties. so peaceful.

when you watch so much video on laptop that even after a reboot when the desktop comes up, you press Space to expect things to start up as you want (in your head)

what is the nautilus equivalent of press backspace to go back one folder up? Unfortunately I'm used to it from other explorers

So I learnt to make a LUKS encrypted ext4 usb thumb drive and though I do feel more confident about the security, the only thing I fear are slightly ignorant Windows users. Because the first thing they see when plugging in the drive is a prompt to format the drive.

Now that I'm back on good speed net WiFi, I see that the book shows it's already synced. even when on mobile data.

A major pet peeve is all those apps which promise offline access when you're vacationing away from internet access and then ask you to resync or redownload the content again when you want to actually use in flight mode or in poor net condition. Happened recently with Google Books. Usually works mostly without internet but this time when I had to depend on it because of lack of net at my folk's place, I was asked to download the book that I was currently reading and had already downloaded.

I'm often stuck on goals or records that don't benefit me in the long run. Obviously I realize this in hindsight because rear camera is always equipped with much higher resolution recording capability than front view camera.

wow, that is awesome, you can subscribe to any #mastodon account with a #feed reader by appending .rss to the account address - for example to follow @dogtrax I would use the address:
as pointed out by @moagee

That self stupid moment when I depend on the fancy Nautilus to format my thumb drive with luks + ext4 but there is no progress indication at all. Now I've an encrypted drive with no partitions. I'm not so good at parted so I'm grasping at straws umm clues to see what can be done. any help is reasonably appreciated.

Man, Pale Moon is such a cool browser. Probably the only one where the Devs try to remove cruft in the code than adding. #Efficiency #Foss #Browser

Announcing Drone Cloud, A Free Continuous Integration Service for x86 and Arm blog.drone.io/drone-cloud/

Hmm... So I had a bunch of Pictures that I synced to nextcloud from a phone. Then I copied the photos to my computers nextcloud folder so it doesn't download them all again, but when nextcloud started syncing again, it started downloading the server files and renaming the local files into "Conflict Files"

Any idea how i prevent that? I don't want to have to download all the files again.

I suspended a user that was spending its time saying awful things about jews and muslims. He also blocked the @admin account after I warned him, which specifically means that he does not want to comply with the rules of this instances.


- Free speech has its limits
- If you don't agree with the rules here, just don't sign up. You have the right to disagree with the admin, but blocking my account means direct suspension.

As usual, updated list: gist.github.com/angristan/2f2f

Each day, me at 2PM:

I didn't get much sleep last night. I know, I'll go to bed early tonight! I am a genius!

Each day, me at 11:45PM:

Wow, I sure am being productive and getting a lot done by tweaking stupid shit in my text editor configuration and OH HEY THE CLOCK, I HAVE TO BE UP IN SEVEN HOURS.

Every. Damn. Time.

Some more book-related #alternatives:

inventaire.io - Community for swapping books powered by libre software & WikiData, follow them on here at @inventaire

libreture.com - eBook storage site with social features, follow them on here at @kevinbeynon

openlibrary.org - Huge non-profit online library with downloads for PD books and lending for non-PD titles.

calibre-ebook.com/ - Open source eBook organiser/editor and format converter

#Books #eBooks #Literature

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