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Most of the times it is realized only after the fact, that it is never worth your while to try going the extra mile to patch things with anyone. They'll slack off just as much. Best to let their grip slip off.

@fribbledom clearly, people who want veggie burgers are not interested in eating four veggie patties slathered in cheese and mayo at once


that joy of being able to read an article on a site that employs js based ad blocker detection but doesn't hide its content behind that js condition check. it's even more fun when you need not even turn on Reader mode and you can honestly see ADs...just empty placeholders with the word AD in them.
being able to disable js in a browser is a big plus

come to think about it, all that space of nothingness is what most sites (but not the examples I had in mind) leave out for advertisers to make some money...for them as well. what if the majority of the web turned out to be pay per view? do you think it will be the lack of content or lack of subscribers? it's always easy to shift the blame. I don't think the general population (me included) really knows how to price content as they should be...they have to ask upfront. a minimum at least.

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You know that feeling when you get on a skateboard and you push yourself forward with that one foot on the road pushing back hard for maximum velocity?
Yeah, that's not how a user should aim to feel when browsing sites with a laptop with trackpad where important actionable or informative items are pinned right in the footer which is like 10 galaxies away from the header and main content. Those sites should warn about getting a scroll wheel..

"This is an effect that can be observed a lot in kernel development: when you work on a simple bugfix, there is a good chance that development or review finds a much larger issue that also wants to be addressed, at which point it becomes near impossible to get the simple change merged without also addressing the wider problem."

Ugh. Keep your changes atomic and acute. Open an issue and attack the larger problem you identified later. Don't punish the contributor with additional work. You'll chase them away and lose them forever.
Who writes an article without sub headings or in this case, the "ways" to lock zoom down. Why would everyone read the whole damn thing?

@fribbledom it's almost like they could use a vpn and a mumble server to accomplish the exact same thing without relying on nonfree software that hasn't been audited

I will be switching from an Nvidia GPU to an Amd GPU this year.

Nvidias proprietary driver is just lacking. Especially when it comes to Vulkan stuff.

One Example is DOOM Eternal (a demanding Vulkan game) running through Proton:

Nvidias GTX 1080Ti get's beaten by an Amd RX580 6GB:

- AMD RX580 scores 60-100FPS at high settings.

- Nvidia GTX 1080Ti is pushing out 20-40 FPS at medium settings!

The RX580 usually performs similar to a GTX 1660 or 1070.

Someone mentioned - which used #cloudflare and without JS enabled produces a black/gray page. Not too promising for a privacy friendly tool. :ablobflushed:

In these dark times, one website finally launches Dark Mode ;)

Today, at 1:27PM PDT, we pushed the final config change that made our company 100% virtual. There's no infrastructure tying us to a specific physical location anymore. Gotta say, it feels good. has anyone fixed this? 2 years since the issue, i still see this issue. if only some were kind enough to help them fix this..

that blissful moment when you watch something in fullscreen on an i3 wm workspace and you open a small popup dialog box )such as a save file dialog) and you have just no way to get to it because it's behind the full screen can't evven restore the full screen window to normal size because the dialog box behind won't leave the focus.

what is the unintuitive hack that you have to do? use Super+shift+(empty workspace number) to move the fullscreen window to an empty workspace.

I just bought Doom 2016.

I'd be more excited but it's gonna take a few days to download... It's 60 GB...

Why is Zoom more popular than its privacy flaws? Generally, why do the worst privacy offenders convince the maximum number of users?

Personal desk area. Manjaro KDE on desktop and laptop. Kenwood2000 Ham radio
Uniden scanner
DMR handhelds MD380/Anytone 868
Hamclock Rpi3 w/ 7" touchscreen
Desktop Specs:
I5 7600K
Several HDDs and SSDs

Motile M141

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