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nmtui can't configure WPA2-Enterprise wifi hotspots but nm-connection-editor can. You'll have to manually configure most of the WiFi settings. Also another caveat is that it is a GUI application so if you are running with sudo you may face issues launching it if the distro doesn't allow launchin GUI applications as root from normal account. you may look at xdg, gksu, etc. I ended up doing the roundabout way of connecting to itself via SSH with X11 forwarding (is this possible with Wayland?)

Reminder that the excellent game, Insurgency, is currently free on Steam. The pacing and immersive audio in the game actually makes you feel like you're in a real war zone with bullets whizzing past your head. No other shooter that I have played has achieved that feel store.steampowered.com/app/222

#ActivityPub support is now available to everyone! 🎉 🎊 :fediverse:

Write.as blogs don't federate by default, so to enable it you can either sign up with our new page: write.as/new/blog/federated, or if you're already on Write.as, go to your blog's Customize page and click "Enable federation"

Note this also includes support for custom domains. So if your domain is hosted with us, you can now choose your handle when you enable federation and your blog will be accessible in the fediverse!

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I just started a bounty of 250€ for #Peertube support in #Newpipe. Check the issue for detailed information:


@Framasoft please share :)

Better than automating what requires repetition and can be done by a machine, find out if it's really needed for that task to be done. Sometimes you're assigned tasks by sm1 who really needs to tell what they need rather than how to get it. It's fine already that the bird flies by flapping is wings, it doesn't also try rotating its wings like a chopper. See if what needs to get done is needed max a few times. The⌚ to execute those total times shd be far greater than time needed 4 automating them

why don't we start sharing and spreading links to videos on non youtube sites or even federated sites. I'd hope to see them get promoted as well.

I temporarily reactivated my Facebook account. I'm going through and scraping contact info for my friends and messaging them to make sure I have the right details and giving them my contact info. I'm about halfway through. Then I'm going to do the full deletion. No more deactivated zombie account lingering over me.


Je viens de découvrir comment désinstaller une appli système sans être root ! 😍


adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.facebook.system

fun fact: adobe has published license keys to macromedia applications that they don't want to host the key server for anymore


get em while they're hot

One birdsite behavior I don't like when I see here is some person just not replying to an ongoing conversation.. Fuck your brand.

Hi all, I'm . I’m interested in medieval , and technology in general, and .
I’m also new to social networks in general (and signed up here because I like the decentralisation concept), so don’t worry if I don’t post too much. 🙂

Fellow geeks, help! Thunderbird 60 doesn't seem to respect the TZ environment variable that I use for my work user account (which is in a different time zone than the one in which I live). I even tried exporting it in the command before launching Thunderbird. This wasn't a problem in Thunderbird 52. I'd rather find a way to solve it than roll back to the old version and hold the package. Any advice?

Ever had the tough time to decide if or not to cut off all ties with someone whom you hurt once by your actions and they went ice cold silent and distant for so long that you started feeling that maybe they were not hurt by what you did but who you are? That you felt betrayed by the sense of trust you thought they had in you?
Well choose whatever you wish to because, "your lyf, your roolz" and other such deep poop...
In my case, I think I had enough of giving that suspense any importance anymore

Good news: Facebook's web traffic has dropped by almost half in the last two years boingboing.net/2018/08/09/good

I'm not able to execute "time -p <command>" in zsh. It is taking -p as another command. Also I wish I could have the Alt+. feature of bash shell in zsh. Please