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@fatboy as much as i hated it at the start... moc (run as mocp) is designed to run in a server client fashion.
$ mocp -S (starts the server)
$ mocp -a /path/to/music (add your music lib)
$ mocp -p (to play)
$ mocp -l http://url/to/onlineradio
close xterm no issues

$ mocp -i (check current song info
$ mocp -G (pause/unpause)
$ mocp -s (stop)

you can close the terminal after any and every of those commands. open a new one and pass some more commands

wish someone wrote this doc ;)

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Most of the times it is realized only after the fact, that it is never worth your while to try going the extra mile to patch things with anyone. They'll slack off just as much. Best to let their grip slip off.

do you speed up spoken audio like podcasts? What's the speed factor? Most players have 1.25x, but where possible, I do set it to 1.35x, which is the current default in my podcast player

Vertical tabs are gooood
Wonder if any firefox extension can get me that tab layout like

It never helps to have only as much joy in teaching someone as much (or as little) as they get joy from learning
However, in my humble experience, when the passion to teach overshoots passion to learn by a lot, those efforts are often either wasted or underappreciated or taken credit for.
Here's to hoping and wishing that those who share and teach may never run out of enthusiasm despite the often harsh realities.
At the moment, I'm happy that someone learned something practical from me.

Pegasus is a piece of malware - a virus - with the sole purpose to infect mobile devices. The eavesdropping made possible by Pegasus violates laws. Its trade must be banned - just like the trade with nuclear weapons is banned. #Fight4Privacy #privacy

Deal of the day: McMaster has a 275lb anvil for *only* $2000...

Perfect for Windows troubleshooting, when paired with any of their blacksmithing hammers*.

I wonder if that includes free shipping...

* remove battery prior to servicing.

im actually quite happy with life atm, got my new apartment, starting a new major in september, doing way better mentally and am trying to do more exercising and what not. Life is swell.

And stop putting username and passwords on different pages!

Also, Security questions are not "multi-factor authentication" FCOL!

not getting access to one's work VDI desktop where all work is done from is the wfh equivalent of going to office and finding the gates closed. Desktop inside. Had to wait a full day until the server side people woke up by our night time. At least I got my attendance at work.

Just discovered and fixed a (potentially serious) bug in Dolphin, KDE's file manager and generic file model:

Sorting by size would cause an unstable sort order under certain circumstances.

This sounds innocent at first, until you realize this also causes it to expand a folder's content into the wrong view parent: you expand folder A, but all its files show up below folder B.

You may think you're deleting an empty folder, but it's not actually empty 😟

Fix here:

some chats always start and stop at, "Hi, How are you?"
Some chats stay static like a blog post

"The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt."

-- Bertrand Russell

Gmail is blocking emails with links to Tutanota. Spread the word to help us stop this!

PSA: Kaspersky Password Manager has been creating flawed passwords

Summary: `generate_password(seed=int( seconds_since_epoch))`.

Ars Technica ran an explanation of why Audacity's spyware isn't really spyware:

BS. The new privacy policy says they collect:

"Data necessary for law enforcement, litigation and authorities' requests (if any)"

Ars says:

> the odds are rather good that any given company will comply with legitimate law enforcement requests.

...but why would Audacity be collecting that information in the first place?

I. Don't. Want. My. Apps. Spying. On. Me.

"It feels like the last 20 years we've spent rebuilding all the stuff Unix users had builtin 20 to 40 years ago: online editors, shared home directories, etc. All sorts of things are repeating again.

One of the things Unix had was composability. If there's a table on a website now and one on another website, and you wanna join them? Fuck you."

-- Joshua Schachter

Audacity sends your personal data to Russia and other ‘third parties’

So, Audacity is dead to me. Hope this gets forked soon, because it’s a great editor for tweaking samples occasionally.

is it too bad to stop watching something, especially a series, after some themes and some character traits that I can't get myself to align with keep continuing on every episode?
Sure, I do keep my judgments in check irl, but i think it's fair game to have choice in not watching the shows with characters that i internally judge to be horrible
Also why it is important to keep even watch history more private.
I think binge watching is as lame as FOMO.

@brycec That very well could be, but in that case, I'm almost less sympathetic. Who searches for answers and doesn't read the timestamp? Stuff moves along. If you're copying-and-pasting code from 2011, you're gonna have a bad time.

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