]BREAKING] The Mastodon Network has been crippled by a Wasabi outage, leaving people unable to post memes.

"F*ck this, I'm going back to Facebook" one man said, desperate for boomer memes.

We are monitoring the situation.

also suddenly my wasabi invoice has grown by 2x what the hell

I would also take recommendations for a CSS editor that

* runs on Linux
* has an outline pane that highlights current position
* can lint, and lint options are easy to configure
* can identify duplicate selectors which could potentially be merged, even if merging is manual

From time to time, I consider whether I register an keybase.io account. Keybase sounds interesting. Unfortunately I just can't find a use case for it ... :-/

Reading a King novel over and listening to classical music with mpg123. And today people needs multicore systems with GB's of RAM...

it seems that I could promote some guys on my profile

nah, all of you are useless

Using ArchLabs, I can't get Qt apps to use a dark theme, I have no clue how to get it to work... Does anyone know how this works?

I am surprised at how little number of metalheads are on Mastodon. It's a social network with, literally, a name of a metal band! #metal #alternative

I don't see advertising at home. No traditional TV and always got ad blockers on my computers.

At the theater and there is so much Christmas ads already. Was not expecting that. At least not in this volume.

mean, if it removed even the last Skip button and that problem was solved, that'd be smthn - 2/2

Misleading headline 👇
Confirmed: Windows 10 Setup Now Prevents Local Account Creation


The article starts with how recent Win 10 builds have been designed to hide local account creation during setup, which is how I've gone about creating my test VMs. The article concludes with using the same workaround for the totally new never seen before problem (not) to magically overcome it. I - 1/2

asking for help, food 

Installing ticketing system for home. Now my wife can put in a support request for housework, like take out the trash. /s

When it comes to #privacy, it's not that I have nothing to hide, I simply don't have anything I would like to share, especially unknowingly.

Microsoft Android Phone Ramble 

Is there a way to not let winsxs not eventually appear like it consumes the whole hard disk partition? Even if those are not actual copies of system files the space used computation is what the OS reports. What ways to limit its expansion?

I just read some open-source code online and started thinking "that's neat, I would also write it just like that"... and then I realized it's some old code I wrote some 15 years ago 😂

This probably means one of two things: I either maintain a very consistent coding style or I simply stopped evolving as a programmer more than a decade ago 🤔

When mails from an IMAP server are downloaded to a desktop client like Thunderbird and moved to a Local folder, is the mail downloaded in its entirety and copied/moved?

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