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@fatboy as much as i hated it at the start... moc (run as mocp) is designed to run in a server client fashion.
$ mocp -S (starts the server)
$ mocp -a /path/to/music (add your music lib)
$ mocp -p (to play)
$ mocp -l http://url/to/onlineradio
close xterm no issues

$ mocp -i (check current song info
$ mocp -G (pause/unpause)
$ mocp -s (stop)

you can close the terminal after any and every of those commands. open a new one and pass some more commands

wish someone wrote this doc ;)

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Most of the times it is realized only after the fact, that it is never worth your while to try going the extra mile to patch things with anyone. They'll slack off just as much. Best to let their grip slip off.

A promise I am making to myself:

If I become a boss/CEO of a company one day, I would like to be the first one that is not a complete idiot.haha.


FFS. The most frustrating technology today? Bluetooth.

No idea why it's so hard to connect two devices via this protocol.

How it feels to tell Spotify users that their music has a shitty lossful bitrate encoding and that I can listen during load shedding

Encrypted chat app Wickr is funded by the CIA. We'd recommend Signal or Threema instead!

To fully trust an app, it's necessary that all client code is published as open source:

Happy 25th Anniversary, KDE! 🎉

So proud of this community and everything we achieved in the last quarter of a century. Here's to the next 25 years!

If you are sick of Firefox's bullshit and don't support DRM?

Try Pale Moon.

Yeah sure, it's not perfect, but it's literally one of the only community-based browser not based on webkit/blink/chromium.

Pale Moon has some nice extensions for improving privacy.

Anyway, hustle what you must, but hustle, you must.

As a reminder, if you see something way out of character coming out of FreeRadical, let me know. Even if I get busy with offline stuff, I always read and process moderation reports.

This isn’t any anything-goes instance, never has been, and never will be. The beauty of the fediverse is that no one server has to be all things to all people.

Welp. Anyone have any experience running Spinrite on a Mac SSD? :ablobgrimace:

Facebook, Instagram, etc. are down right now due to massive DNS failures.

And nothing of value was lost.

you know those days when you solve an issue and it is neither life saving/enhancing skill nor a job skill to pay your bill. Just a random fix you figured randomly for a random issue and the world kept spinning...
I had one of those. Seeking validation would be embarrassing, so here goes...


Oh you are scrolling away

If you’re happy and you know it segmentation fault

Mrs Tek just took the pup to the vet to see about teeth cleaning. The quoted cost would buy several more pups just like her.

I mean, I love this little hound and we’ll do it because she needs it, but good grief. She’s nearly 13 and eats soft food. She doesn’t exactly need gold crowns.

@opensuse wants to learn your thoughts on @rustlang We'd like to know how you may or may not be using #rust in your chosen field/development. The survey is open to all. @linux @Windows10 @Apple @raspberrypi #IoT #containers #gnu

@Hawk1291 This assumes that one has to choose a Chromium-based browser, but here are some other available options:

- Firefox forks: IceCat, Pale Moon, ...
- Text browsers: lynx, elinks, w3m, ...
- Other graphical browser: qutebrowser, midori, badwolf, surf, nyxt, ...
- Build your own (the hardcore way)

Surely they don't have as much support but I can live with that.

Sadly I don't see any other project on f-droid that has abu interest in being a good stable swiftkey replacement. Recommendations, if i missed any

Florisboard so utterly unusable. I still can't figure how it randomly managed to show the word completion suggestions just once since install and never again.

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