Migrated my email from Zoho to Posteo. Posteo runs only open source software.🤘 😆

Okay So i set up my BBS and the reverse proxy to it!
Its live on telnet://lokegaonkar.in
(on port 23 and 9000)
I'll start adding more stuff to it over the weekend. The cool thing is MysticBBS supports NNTP, FTP, and POP3 so i can basically access the BBS from thunderbird for quick updates.

my parents used to pay 7x the price I pay for internet for 15x less amount of monthly data. Just to make the comparison fair, they are from the rural part of the country that only had this mobile broadband (3g dongle) option which is a costlier tech than normal xDSL or even OFC broadband (wired)... but 7 times more expensive..
To make matters worse then, the service provider had even shut down their operations entirely soon after.

I will update this weekend because sleep > up-to-date instance

Microsoft Confirms Massive Windows 10 Upgrade Changes. Allows delaying updates by up to 35 days. Not available for older machines.


been setting up filters for mail to 'deal' with them as quickly as possible. just curious if any of you revisit your filters and merge similar filters into complex filters using boolean operators, * (wildcard) etc. does it affect filtering performance on large mailboxes?

After digging into Grammarly's privacy policy, this Reddit user decided to uninstall. Why? He found that Grammarly...

1. Collects everything you type into the browser w/the extension
2. Can store that data indefinitely
3. May share it with 3rd parties reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/

Android Q Beta 2 OTA just dropped if any of you are doing that kind of thing.

This exceeds my imagination. The tenacity. And then FB's response?! Wtf?!

Facebook Caught Asking Some Users Passwords for Their Email Accounts

You don't own anything on a streaming platform and they can close down or lose copyright to specific songs any time, which is why I buy CDs for stuff that I really like

Microsoft's eBook store is shutting down and with it all your books will disappear, too.

Just a reminder to be cautious when purchasing digital goods (and the reason why I still prefer to buy my games on disc and books in paper).


when only your fingers have muscle memory of your password and that too on a full sized QWERTY keyboard. I just can't remember the password while trying the same service on my phone

when your linux troubles get fixed by a reboot...or three.

I really hope it's the hdmi cable that's fine bust and not the port. I don't even know of hdmi port can be replaced in laptops.

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