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@fatboy as much as i hated it at the start... moc (run as mocp) is designed to run in a server client fashion.
$ mocp -S (starts the server)
$ mocp -a /path/to/music (add your music lib)
$ mocp -p (to play)
$ mocp -l http://url/to/onlineradio
close xterm no issues

$ mocp -i (check current song info
$ mocp -G (pause/unpause)
$ mocp -s (stop)

you can close the terminal after any and every of those commands. open a new one and pass some more commands

wish someone wrote this doc ;)

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Most of the times it is realized only after the fact, that it is never worth your while to try going the extra mile to patch things with anyone. They'll slack off just as much. Best to let their grip slip off.

Anyone here know how to disable google safebrowsing on Firefox Mobile?

@dpreacher I use meditation for lots of the same reasons: to work through ideas and let some of them go. Not saying you should meditate, just that it’s nice to have some outlet for such things.

And I did. For a change, I could continue from a two month old draft in focuswriter. That little had changed in my now completely quarantined lifestyle

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i should find some time to write something longer than a toot this weekend. not sure what i will ramble about, but that's the fun of it.

what if your only recognition comes from those who only get recognition from you, but neither matters for either's growth?

The instance was down this morning for a few hours. I misconfigured the monitoring alert and didn't receive a notification :sadness:

Yes, it's my fault you guys are a bag of dicks?

Facebook Says It’s Your Fault That Hackers Got Half a Billion User Phone Numbers

to be different from and yet be understood by someone in a way as if they were thinking exactly the same way as you do, is one of the most pleasant and unexpected of surprises in life.

DeepL is a great (German!) alternative to Google Translate. They just added support for 13 new European languages! 👏

latest wire for android available on official download page force closes just on switching away from app. 3.65.979

if you get a "how did i miss this message?" randomly to a conversation that has been removed by disappearinng messages setting and after a long period of time if all you get to read is "same, same" to asking about how things are going, the other person does not give a fuck about your concerns.

🚀 Lip Gloss, a CSS-like layout library for your #golang terminal apps 🚀

Featuring the cutest project mascot 🥰

Me: Do you think we should get Mortal Kombat to play against each other?

Tek Jr: I’m going to kick your ass.

Me: Oh?

TJ: I’ve seen you game, old man.

Me: Oh sweet summer child.

We didn’t invent video games just so we could lose them to a bunch of whippersnappers.

@fatboy There are lots of other mail providers and it's easy to host your own.

Also just putting .html in /var/www is a great alternative to twitter/mastodon/facebook.

The iOS vs Android thing is pretty bad but the pinephone also exists as long as you can handle missing lots of calls.

That every day fear of spelling NickServ wrongly while trying to submit password to identify myself.

this instance has been running so fine for so long, that I am itching to jinx it by thanking the @admin from the bottom of my heart and telling how happy I am to be on it.. It is actually awesome to have this space to express.

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