Hello everyone.

Thank you for waiting for so long.
I'm in the process of migrating the server in order to use another technical stack underneath. It involves a lot of things but it's going well.

I've successfully migrated and updated (2.6.5 > 2.7.2) my two other Mastodon instances, so I'm confident I will be able to do the same with mstdn.io this week :)


To drive clicks, duh. If you could read content easily, why would you go to their site and consent to their GDPR breaking cookies, auto-play videos, and abusive advertisements?

(Side note: I know nothing about those sites you mentioned, but when has that stopped anyone else from being outraged?)

I have some C++ projects that I could use a hand with if there's any one on the fedi looking for something to do

boost appreciated

Suicide bomber rammed a car into a bus full of our soldiers at the border and blew up. Most are saying terrorist attacks and some are saying militant attacks, clarifying that terrorist attacks are on civilians and the soldiers blown up supposedly belong to that group of the defense system who have harmed more civilians themselves.
maybe they're trying to dilute the impact on the group or the org but what if you think of each of the 40+ individuals who just stopped to exist at a moment's notice?

Fixed a pulseaudio problem by reinstalling it. Some Windows habits and lessons work well on Linux for things that are as (fl)awful as Windows

OsmAnd+ is such a piece of shit when you really need it in areas with no connectivity. all my car trips with OsmAnd+ be like
Current position not known
GPS signal lpst
Route recalculated
You have reached your destination

No directions in the tricky parts of the route where most needed ever fucking happen.

why don't newer android support miracast based screen mirroring? is there a workaround?

Big Daddy Linux Live is holding a European Edition this Saturday 9th February 2019 at 8:00pm UK time / 3:00pm Eastern USA.
The regular show, reviewing openSUSE Tumbleweed, shall be broadcasting at 9:00pm Eastern the same day.
#BDLL #Linux #openSUSE

why don't newer android support miracast based screen mirroring? is there a workaround?

Before suggesting alternatives to anything like software where the only complaint is that the existing choice is not likeable, try telling them to fuck off. because seriously if people can't trouble their asses to really get down to why they don't prefer what is available to them why shoot in the dark trying to suggest everything else to see what fits?

is there anything better, in terms of size of block list, compared to AdGuard DNS? Other alternatives I found were Alternate DNS and Private DNS. Didn't get much positive reviews about them. Just wanted easy centralized way to save my parents from wasting data on ads without configuring each and every device or spending on a Pi. TBH, I did look up online stores for Pi and I saw a bunch of companies making them so I'm confused which one to buy because no one talked about that.

#FreeRadical is on 2.7.1 now. That was a PITA. The upgrade itself was easy, but recently the `service mastodon restart` step has been failing because Docker tries to re-create a network, which fails because it already exists. Oh, an easy fix: I’ll run `docker-clean`! Yeah, great, so that decided to clean up all images not currently mapped to a running container. You know, like the Mastodon 2.7.1 image that I’d just built. Also the previous 2.7.0 image which was no longer running, either.

Hey everyone, I'm #newhere on this instance. Hoping to meet some beginner programmers who want to learn with me and make some friends in general. Glad to be here

Hi, this is my first toot! I'm not from IT domain, but my hobby it's Linux and i try to learn about.
Thank you for having me

For those of us who can't come to #FOSDEM this year there are live stream from each room.

Here's a list and it can be sorted by track as well: fosdem.org/2019/schedule/strea

What is the difference between USA and USB? Show more

The patience of a Noscript user has to be comparable to IE 6 user during dial up.
The former often needs you to reload page multiple times till the page looks and works properly
The latter often needed you to reload page multiple times till all the elements would have got downloaded without timing out.
Noscript is installed bae (before any extension). If browser doesn't support Noscript, go get an alternative. Or stay off the web.

right now, I have no job. plain and simple version. taking a break, searching for jobs, wanted a change, looking to try something else are the sounds good answer because it feels so that I need to answer to people as to what I'm doing being at home. Most people just understand. For the rest, I do wish I could mean that I don't care but it does affect when they ask me to answer if that's not a problem. It's not. not their problem at least. But their words ring in the ears and annoys me.

It's time to get people off of Whatsapp.
Suggest Signal and Wire to the ones you care about.

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