asking for help, food 

so none of the jobs i've applied for have responded (apart from the one I had the interview for, which started ghosting me right after the interview).

just sending out a general plea for donations so i can maybe get some sultanas to put in my porridge, tofu, some spring onions, and some kettle chips (they're an ingredient in a wrap, which i have every other ingredient for). so i'm just looking for table scraps really, nothing significant.

if there is anyone more urgently seeking help, donate to them. i'm instantly broke every payday just from rent and the basics, but at least i have the basics, and a roof over my head.

here's my link anyway,


asking for help, food 

@jackie I totally relate to the getting ghosted after the interview scenario! Like why not save a person's time and make up your mind sooner? No means no and that's fine. Why waste our hope and time? :blobnerd:

asking for help, food 

@dpreacher I've even specifically emailed their recruiter, twice. no response.

asking for help, food 

@jackie Again! Same.. I mailed once (different life conditions) but I bet I would have rather got some response if I had mailed their donotreply ID. 😀

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