I am a 17 (almost 18) year old software developer and full time Linux user.

I got started with Linux at the age of seven using Edubuntu on an old Win 2000 server computer and started learning how to use other distros on an old Acer Aspire One.

I am proficient in Python and develop discord bots as well as other applications.

I hope to break into the FOSS community and start working on projects soon. You can find me on Github as garman1001.

@Hydra_Slash_Linux This is insane(ly awesome)! This is why I don't join fosstodon. Thankfully my instance admin hasn't asked for handing in my essay yet. I'm almost double that age, don't know half of those things and the half I know about are already on their way to extinction.

Hope you go way far in life or as my friend coined...

"May the FOSS be with you!" (I swear, I'm not swearing)  😁

@dpreacher I am my own instance admin! I also have an account at mastodon.host that is wired up to Twitter (so I don’t use it unless I want to post something for my mom to see).

@blake isn't that a cool thing to be? what's special in your corner of the fediverse?


@blake many do. i totally understand. you could try other types also. pleroma, pixelfed, etc. i thought i'll try something on my pi, but i would probably read and write myself in :P

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