I do only a little video work for my day job. Today I got a interlaced mov file with h264 video and PCM sound.

#FFMPEG deinterlaces the video and will make tiny mp4 and webm files that look almost identical to the original.

FFMPEG is a life saver sometimes.


@art ever tried multimedia on a pure foss only distro? The frustration is like an onion. Layered.
Ffmpeg is useless without codecs. There's no k-lite codec pack on linux
Consider this. I got the codecs, audio and video are fine, especially in Firefox. Now Amazon music either plays a single track or 3-4 tracks and stays at the end of a track without moving forward. Guess what triggered it to start next track? An audio notification from the mastodon tab. Pling! And the next song started now.

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