@dpreacher long time boi. Look at all that grey hair. No hair dye during lockdown uncle? :P

Seriously tho, you look hella cool.


@kensp long time indeed! such a nice surprise to see you on the TL and especially in my notifications/mentions. I remember last you mentioned not being able to take the trip back here because lockdowns around the world started.. how is the situation now?

no hair dye ever and honestly, all black hair would need me to be more shaved, a full face of jet black hair would make me look like a TV serial costume drama villain. i would need to add fat caterpillar eyebrows too. :D

thanks for compliment.

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Things are okay. Lockdown really sucks. Haven't left home In a while now. Can't wait for things to go back to normal.

@kensp home as in you were able to fly back here? i love the lockdown because "i haven't left home in a while now" like not out of the apartment main door. And I used to think that I might struggle and feel low on not being able to step out. far from it. I can stay months inside and not really crave going outside. it will be way harder now for anyone to convince me to go out than it already was before. :P
no cycling for you ether then?

@dpreacher yep. I wasn't able to come home. Honestly I can't live like this. I need human interaction. And I need nature.
I haven't really gone on bike rides in a long time. It's just not fun to ride in Tempe

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