Tried putting this on but that seems to be down.
@admin beware of such demanding impatient users on our instance who feel entitled. Embarrassing to come from the same place but it's attitude like this that I stayed away from bird site for.
@stux you could have had mustodon in your domain and led peaceful existence. 😁

@opensuse could you please help. After recent update of Tumbleweed the machine gets stuck at this point after rebooting. I had earlier done once and now tried today after a few weeks. The boot stops at "Starting Load extra kernel modules for sound stuff..."

no idea why
completely goes all black like this on @opensuse . There is no pattern to how long it takes to cause this. Is there any preferences or system settings that is suspected to cause this? The process is not hung/frozen but it won't show anything.

how do I solve this? first of all DDG turned out to be totally useless in searching for this. Then using !g I got something at least relevant rather being given answers for Windows and Android.
When I try to suspend the system to RAM (aka standby), no matter what lock daemon runs (light-locker or mate screensaver or xscreensaver), first of all the screen locks. then this hypocritical message comes up when I unlock then on saying Yes, the machine goes to standby but without locking the screen


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