Heya #FreeRadical people:

Looks like we hit an inflection point where messages were coming into the instance faster than our workers can process them, which led to the home timeline being several hours out of data. I've increased the number of workers, and I see that we're now catching up (although not exactly quickly).

Messages haven't been lost - they were just delayed. They'll still be delivered, and we should stay up to date after this.

@art so I use HgLauncher with all black background

@mike it's a holiday where they forgot to ask you to stay back at home

@jackie takes your fediverse domain very seriously 😂

Tried putting this on freeradical.zone but that seems to be down.
@admin beware of such demanding impatient users on our instance who feel entitled. Embarrassing to come from the same place but it's attitude like this that I stayed away from bird site for.
@stux you could have had mustodon in your domain and led peaceful existence. 😁

Ok Fosstodon let me ask you a real question.

I'm designing an MA module where students should come out with a broad conceptual basis for analysing and critiquing social media platforms. What general conceptual areas do you think are important for this?

So far I've got...
1. Data ownership
2. Code ownership
3. Structure (central/decentral/matrix)
4. Security, surveillance.
5. Legal jurisdiction.
6. Content moderation
7. Gamification
... these can all be changed!
Thoughts so welcome.

What's this strange issue with @opensuse wherein audio sites like Spotify in firefox simply get stuck at the end of a truck after any random number of tracks and would play fine again when
1. I press the next button, which is definitely not what I make playlists for
2. A sound event in another tab like a notification sound from the mastodon tab triggers the next track in Spotify to start playing!

Only alsa. Running minimal gui install of with icewm and VLC and mozilla repos added.

Murphy's Law. Work. Swearing 

@art ever tried multimedia on a pure foss only distro? The frustration is like an onion. Layered.
Ffmpeg is useless without codecs. There's no k-lite codec pack on linux
Consider this. I got the codecs, audio and video are fine, especially in Firefox. Now Amazon music either plays a single track or 3-4 tracks and stays at the end of a track without moving forward. Guess what triggered it to start next track? An audio notification from the mastodon tab. Pling! And the next song started now.

If you have content on YouTube and you HAVEN'T considered alternatives like PeerTube, now is the time. Seriously, right now.

"YouTube’s updated terms of service states ‘no obligation’ to host anyone’s video - The Verge"


@blake many do. i totally understand. you could try other types also. pleroma, pixelfed, etc. i thought i'll try something on my pi, but i would probably read and write myself in :P

@blake isn't that a cool thing to be? what's special in your corner of the fediverse?


Hello, everyone!

I am a database administrator by profession, a Linux user, and a metal head from Moscow, Russia. Have been using Linux for more than 10 years now. Arch is my distribution of choice.

I am new to Mastodon and I hope I chose the right instance.

Nice to meet you all!

@arabicaah they joined mstdn.social just for that. You can put any emoji you like. I've one in the other account

@Gargron You are amazing. Thank you so much for giving us a fascist-free space to fight Hindutva oppression in India. Indian Twitter employees are mostly uppercaste Hindus who allow free reign to abusive Hindi tweets. Soooo toxic. This site is such a psychological boost to those of us who just want equality and justice in the third world. Thank you again. God bless ❤️

Four more videos of LibreOffice 2019 Conference presentations! They cover databases, Python macros, custom widget themes, and the Google Summer of Code @gsoc results: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Fedi, help a dude out.
I'm not so hot when it comes to laptop hardware except Macbooks since i worked for the Apple support some years ago, but i currently want a laptop that i can surf the net and write my notes for RP on, i will run Manjaro or Debian, not sure yet.
What should i hunt for? Are the ThinkPad T420's still worth searching for? Or should i aim for newer hardware? I'm savvy when it comes to repairing electronics so i can swap batteries and capacitors if needed.

At some point this weekend, I expect that #FreeRadical will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours as I migrate its database to another server.

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