I am glad that I did not turn off my job alerts, the sight of those new job opportunities even if totally unsuitable or demeaning filled my heart with hope and my middle fingers rose at those who sent me away not for my lack of technical abilities

@fatboy no wonder they are trying harder and making it worse.

@RyuKurisu his afternoon avatar, when he is good. well observed! even better interpreted!! :P

@mike quite an old windows logo. This is just out of jealousy of the uptime that *nix OSes are famous for. Windows just got upset and called the grapes sour.

Looks like we're getting this handled about 18 years before it becomes a problem, and after the fix is in place, we're going to be OK for the next 29 billion years. They'll have to handle that when it comes around.

"Linux is ready for the end of time"


About that workaround though...
Getting the cursor to show the context menu to get the Paste option can be such a major pain in the wrist

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Are there no foss alternatives to the 5 year old WordPress client for android? The PWA option becomes unusable when the post goes beyond a few screens and editing anything at the beginning of the post is a nightmare with the cursor constantly shifting and messing up the typing.
I could, as a workaround, compose in my note taking app for the time being.

Apparently all you Kali Linux :kali_linux_r: users are dirty, dirty hackers.

"UK police deny responsibility for poster urging parents to report kids for using Kali Linux"



On similar lines, whenever I'm facing a similar situation where I need to take a stand, I hate the way I hyperventilate. Really messes me up and I curse the entities who cause it.

@Ghosty do a poll with the most obscure options. let's see the awareness

@fatboy mot feeds are truncated and feed readers would load the article in their own webview perhaps which may not be powered by a full fledged browser like firefox with all its features and protections. keep js off overall and see if you can press on article view/reader mode for the page with articles.
make sure feed reader opens link/full articles in your browser of choice

Looks like #Mycroft called their bluff, and they folded. Hopefully this troll will keep its tail tucked and we'll never hear from them again.

"Patent Troll Update - Mycroft"


you ever declined the request of a cold caller to sign you up for a credit card so nicely/humanely that they were appreciative and grateful for it in the politest way?

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