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TFW you run `kill PID` and it succeeds, then you realize you mistyped PID. Uhh, what did I just nuke?

So many new faces on #Fosstodon!

Welcome everyone, it’s great to have so many people in our little corner of the fediverse!

If you’re new to Mastodon, this post I wrote may help you get going:

If you’re still stuck, get tootin’! We have a tonne of extremely helpful members here.

A heads up to #India folks, this is not bird app, this is open source so each of the different instances you are in, there is someone else working for you to get this experience. I see lot of you asking for features and moderators, it’s pretty entitled I feel, they are funded by donation so pls try to donate to different instances you are in: for the number of folks we have brought in even if each of us pay 100 rupees, it will make huge difference . I will get information where we can donate

"Privacy isn't about hiding bad things, but about protecting what defines us as human beings, who we are. Our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities."

-- The Tor Project

@art well, no need to get so upset...there were millions others. 😛

In other news, have you noticed Firefox's new UI for Saved Logins? It's called Lockwise and can sort by Breached websites first (possibly using its data from Firefox Monitor).

If you are reading this and are from India, welcome. I hope you enjoy the freedom and people here. We are all very nice :)

#introduction deeply cynical closet optimist seeking to recapture the early heady promises of social media, without the angst. Dabbles in #code, #foss, #journalism, #geek stuff, and smattering of law, society & freedoms. #India

@tek He gave them their Best of Live PD highlights episode 1.

A Firefox and chrome extension that notifies you if a book you're looking at on amazon, goodreads, audible, etc. is available at a nearby public library, and gives you a link to reserve it

Pictures of my Engines 

@Wayril euch beautiful constructions! 😃

Pictures of my Engines 

Three functional mini engines!

First is a Stirling Engine, it reciprocates with Hot Air (ie Blow Torch). I machined all parts of this engine.

Second engine is also a Stirling Envying, albiet smaller. It includes a water pump driven by the fly wheel for cooling. I designed and built the water reservoir system.

Third engine is a Steam Engine, once part of an old Erector Set. Fill the water tank in the middle, place an oil lamp underneath, and steam will turn the fly wheel!

Gonna have to ask for some help here, with my main pc having so many problems and randome crashes. I decieded to test my ram as i am running ecc ram on a non ecc board and cpu. I velive this may be the provlem, but dose anyone know of a good way to test if it really is thisthats easy, right now just trying to use my pc like normal and see if it chrashes.

every mastodon instance is run by generous volunteers who usually pay for and maintain the infra from their own pockets and contributions from donors help them keep their instances and motivations (to keep their instances positive and inclusive) up for long long time. Give when possible. Make your instances your own homes.

A hardy welcome to all of our new friends from India. We hope you like it here!

"Why Twitter's rival Mastodon was trending in India"

Had to install IceCatMobile just to authorize fedilab to access my mastodon accounts using mastalab:// URLs
Not sure why FOSS browser or Lineage OS's own browser (Jelly?) couldn't understand shit. Now to throw the cat out

@fatboy the users that need and deserve defending are the ones flowing in right now. away from hate supporting and spreading bird site.

looking at the word fediverse, I wonder if only back in the day, the entire ecosystem of the collective communication platform called email had a cool *verse name as well... Welcome to the [email protected] or something verse.

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