hello everyone, I’m not new to this but this is a new account. I’m also on but I felt it wasn’t exactly my style, though they’re really friendly. I’m into and games among other things, some of which are secret for now. I started streaming Deus Ex a few days ago.

I do have a question. what is the etiquette for talking to people around here? is it weird if I just peruse the federated or local timeline and reply to random posts?

@draqlo That's basically how I met anyone ever on here! Also, follow tags so that you're seeing more stuff that is of specific interest to you, then reply to those posts!

I'm following #introductions just to see who else is joining 😀

@gaffen I don't think I can follow tags on the single column view as far as I can see, so maybe I'll switch back over to the multi-column interface. I feel like that's coming in the future anyhow

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