so this is the Videonics PowerScript 4000S. I think it was meant to be a professional or semi-professional video character generator, meaning it generates text and some graphics for the purposes of television broadcast


physically, it's a gray box that takes a serial mouse and an AT keyboard. The inputs and outputs are composite BNC and S-video, and I'm using an S-video to HDMI converter to capture these screenshots

it also takes two PCMCIA cards, and it absolutely requires one which contains the OS and required files

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so here I've edited a scene or whatever you call it. You can see some of the dialog boxes; this is what the whole OS looks like on this thing. it's a really strange experience because it's a single large box made just for this one application

I added a box for some extra background and gave the text some drop shadow. there are all kinds of little details like opacity, the ability to skew and resize objects using widgets, a real-time clock, and the ability to add JPEGs and other images with transparency.

I think this thing came out in 1996 or '97

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