I'm gonna be messing around with this crazy Doom mod for a while. Mic quiet unless I get some audience



I am Doom: Hideous Destructor using !! No mic for now unless it feels necessary

currently some Doom: Hideous Destructor !! I keep forgetting to link it here though, so here it is now


I've created an instance at secret.draculo.net, where I'll mostly just do little off-streams that I'll announce here. I will also return to Twitch next week

B-roll footage from the '90s and more. Especially the technology and video game stuff is really cool


A quick blog post: draculo.net/blog/asynchronous-

just one of the directions my mind has taken in the recent past. playing games asynchronously has been a light interest of mine for the past several months, but I haven't gotten around to even trying it with anyone. not sure if anyone else is interested in this type of thing, but I wanted to write about it anyway.

I felt like I was spamming the timeline when I was posting screencaps, so here's a few all in one post. I wanted to include some images of the UI, including the dialog for animating transitions between scenes.
there's also what appears to be an authentic screen made for a home shopping channel that was included in the OS card I bought. the gray background would have been replaced by a video feed going through the device

so this is the Videonics PowerScript 4000S. I think it was meant to be a professional or semi-professional video character generator, meaning it generates text and some graphics for the purposes of television broadcast

If anyone sees this, is anyone around here even remotely interested in '90s broadcast TV graphics generators? because I got some rare equipment

continuing the again tonight with Metroid Prime 2. welcome back to Dracula's Castle !!


hello. I am back in the Mastodon to announce my new on Twitch !! I invite all toots to my channel at twitch.tv/draqlo where I stream mostly games...... in the night !!!

today I continue with Metroid Prime 2, going through the whole series in 3D. join me in my castle !!

Draculo and Crazymonkey stream together !! welcome to late night donkey kong country 3 !!!


hello everyone, I’m not new to this but this is a new account. I’m also on niu.moe but I felt it wasn’t exactly my style, though they’re really friendly. I’m into and games among other things, some of which are secret for now. I started streaming Deus Ex a few days ago.

I do have a question. what is the etiquette for talking to people around here? is it weird if I just peruse the federated or local timeline and reply to random posts?


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