has updated, and you can now follow my page directly from Mastodon, Pleroma, or any other ActivityPub client!!!

I will probably not be announcing my streams here as often, or maybe I'll look into setting up an automatic boost if that's possible.

You can follow my stream at secret.draculo.net. Just click the shiny new Follow button and enable notifications when I go live!!

Hideous Destructor again on

Tactical gameplay mod for Doom

Some prep before we get started, but join in anyway !!


some retro games tonight on for a couple hours. can I even get through them???


I am BACK, Hideous Destructor again, a tactical gameplay mod for Doom


Hideous Destructor again for a bit


messing around in the range for a minute and then starting actual levels

Hideous Destructor for Doom again today, starting with UAC Ultra with 2 players and then probably BTSX again later


Hideous Destructor again today with the full crew

Back to Saturn X campaign


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