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Hideous Destructor, this time single player. I generated a level and want to practice. I will die a lot

Super lo-fi idea:

- Use ffmpeg from the CLI only, no OBS (
- Stream just outputs to a file on a webserver that can be opened in mpv or VLC
- Make a multi-user chat in XMPP and allow guests to join without registering
- Play game/content in a large window with the chat on one side of the screen using the Profanity client in a terminal
- Meant for use on very old computers

I might try this on a Core Duo Thinkpad I have

I am Doom again on , trying to get through this randomly generated map pack I made

I'm gonna be messing around with this crazy Doom mod for a while. Mic quiet unless I get some audience

I am Doom: Hideous Destructor using !! No mic for now unless it feels necessary

currently some Doom: Hideous Destructor !! I keep forgetting to link it here though, so here it is now

I've created an instance at, where I'll mostly just do little off-streams that I'll announce here. I will also return to Twitch next week

I'm resisting such a huge urge to post a profound little political quote here right now. Instead of ranting and raving, I'll be at least a few times a week; I've already started Deus Ex (I think I mentioned that in my introduction), so stay tuned for that shit 🧛

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