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it seems I was wrong about the original Doom being licensed under the GPL, which is a little weird because Doom 3 and Quake 1-3 are all FOSS. it doesn't really matter anyway given that there are so many Free source ports of Doom making it effectively a FOSS game, but it would have been cool if the original code was also GPL

Hideous Destructor for Doom again today, starting with UAC Ultra with 2 players and then probably BTSX again later

@bloodaxe I'm not exactly sure because my server was completely overworked by joining a public room, so more than what a tiny VPS could handle. I was using Dendrite, which I believe is still an incomplete implementation of the Matrix protocol, and I don't think those features could be disabled

@bloodaxe I ended up going with XMPP because self-hosting Matrix uses huge system resources, effectively making it centralized by the flagship instance until they can reduce the server requirements

@theruran Oh, thank you so much, I actually haven't updated it in a very long time. I've been thinking about it a lot recently, so maybe I'll get to that soon

stream canceled due to bad internet or something lol

Hideous Destructor again today with the full crew

Back to Saturn X campaign

@fitheach his reaction was beautiful. if anyone deserves to fly to space, it's him

Old id Software , inluding the first three Doom and Quake games, are under the GPL. My favorite FOSS game is currently the Hideous Destructor mod for Doom, which I stream somewhat regularly on my personal website. A lot of people talk about games like Xonotic and Red Eclipse being great free alternatives to Quake 3 without realizing that Quake 3 itself is free software

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Wow this is so retro and neat 😀
@[email protected]:

Someone just released a Legend of Zelda total conversion for Doom II recreating the world of the first NES game. I haven't played much yet but I have to say I'm fairly impressed by what I've seen so far.

#Doom #Gaming #Zelda #modding #gamer #NES #RETROGAMING

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