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Have you seen some of the cool projects people have built on top of the Owncast APIs?

some retro games tonight on for a couple hours. can I even get through them???

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@inachara you can find them on for example.. Wikipedia also has a list for opensource games ( some of them FOSS) AFAIK.
Or.. just browse on my twitch, peertube or youtube channel. I made a playlist called "discoveries" with all the new open source games I played on my pc

I am BACK, Hideous Destructor again, a tactical gameplay mod for Doom

@BrodieOnLinux In nvidia-settings in the options for your monitors, enable advanced settings and check the two boxes labeled something like Full Composition Pipeline. I think you have to run it as root and make sure you save to your xorg.conf from the GUI. this is what removed tearing for me

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while ActivityPub integration is under development you can always keep an eye on the growing owncast streamer community at

if you are already streaming with owncast and wish to have your go live published on the directory and announced by @[email protected] be sure to go to Configuration->General and set "Enable Directory" to ON

#owncast #streaming #selfhosting

Hideous Destructor again for a bit

messing around in the range for a minute and then starting actual levels

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