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Everything in this meme except (hopefully) the percentages will age well 🐧😂

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the soundtrack for Freedoom is surprisingly amazing. I want to hear it in ADL

Cars are a scourge, a disease, a crime against the health and happiness of all people

People like me see the disgusting cesspool we've dug ourselves into and want a way out sooner rather than later. What is the solution? Moving across the world?

I just want the to bring us another Steam Controller

I am streaming Hideous Destructor for Doom for another hour or so, come join if you like weird Doom mods

my computer is so old and still works so well that I'm kind of attached to it. I built it in late 2011 and it's still just as good as the day I bought it, maybe even better since I installed Linux. I feel like getting a new one would be a waste

I tried Movim last night, a web client for . It's probably the best looking client, including stickers and emoji reactions for messages and a very modern, pleasing interface. but there's obviously no desktop application, and the Android app only shows notifications while it's open, making it useless.

it's overall a huge waste of potential. XMPP could benefit from a modern cross-platform application, but this one is stuck inside a browser where it'll eat up memory and be forgotten

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I just submitted the second XEP ("Moved 2.0") related my work on the #XMPP account migration project. Both this and the XEP-0227 update I submitted a few weeks ago are now going through the XMPP standards process.

The next stage of the project is the exciting one! Over the next couple of months I will be working on implementing these new protocols, and producing the initial software to help people migrate their data between services.

So thankful for the support of #NGI DAPSI! ❤️

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fuck cars. cars are bad and we built cities to require them to live

Delta plug my fucking ass and give me diarrhea

I don't believe that Linux is the end all be all anymore. In some ways I'd rather be on OpenBSD or some Unix-like much closer to the community. But Linux and the software running on it is still mostly free software and it's much more compatible with my machines and lifestyle

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I consider "AWS" to also be a three-letter agency.

rest in peace John McAfee. the internet was made for crazies like you

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