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Hideous Destructor again today with the full crew

Back to Saturn X campaign

Old id Software , inluding the first three Doom and Quake games, are under the GPL. My favorite FOSS game is currently the Hideous Destructor mod for Doom, which I stream somewhat regularly on my personal website. A lot of people talk about games like Xonotic and Red Eclipse being great free alternatives to Quake 3 without realizing that Quake 3 itself is free software

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Wow this is so retro and neat 😀
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Someone just released a Legend of Zelda total conversion for Doom II recreating the world of the first NES game. I haven't played much yet but I have to say I'm fairly impressed by what I've seen so far.

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Hideous Destructor, this time single player. I generated a level and want to practice. I will die a lot

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This test server has gone live. Drop by to see what's going on, favorite this post, or boost away!

Just testing. Please ignore.

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Shopping malls are commercial imitations of villages, playing on human nature and unspoken desires by creating a sick artificial town designed to entice one into purchasing overpriced products

Super lo-fi idea:

- Use ffmpeg from the CLI only, no OBS (
- Stream just outputs to a file on a webserver that can be opened in mpv or VLC
- Make a multi-user chat in XMPP and allow guests to join without registering
- Play game/content in a large window with the chat on one side of the screen using the Profanity client in a terminal
- Meant for use on very old computers

I might try this on a Core Duo Thinkpad I have

Banish me from your lives if this offends you, but I think the Mario Bros. movie was very good

it's great to see projects like OpenMW reimplementing old game engines as FOSS, effectively making those games free software similarly to Doom 1-3. old games can not only be run in WINE, but they can be made native to Linux and other platforms while also being liberated, better preserved, and reinvigorated with a modding community

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