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while ActivityPub integration is under development you can always keep an eye on the growing owncast streamer community at

if you are already streaming with owncast and wish to have your go live published on the directory and announced by @[email protected] be sure to go to Configuration->General and set "Enable Directory" to ON

#owncast #streaming #selfhosting

Hideous Destructor again for a bit

messing around in the range for a minute and then starting actual levels

it seems I was wrong about the original Doom being licensed under the GPL, which is a little weird because Doom 3 and Quake 1-3 are all FOSS. it doesn't really matter anyway given that there are so many Free source ports of Doom making it effectively a FOSS game, but it would have been cool if the original code was also GPL

Hideous Destructor for Doom again today, starting with UAC Ultra with 2 players and then probably BTSX again later

stream canceled due to bad internet or something lol

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