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I can't wait to go to see what this thing looks like. We've driven by the Target Husk so many times it will be nice to go inside.

It Took 12 Years To Complete New Target Store Opening In Hollywood Sunday

Spent some time in Long Beach CA yesterday. It was quite nice!

I never knew what to order at Starbucks until today. So good!

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We see a lot of people use Open Source Event Manager, but really need help with fixing some of the bugs and adding features; if you're interested, the team could use some more help github.com/openSUSE/osem/ #ruby #rubyonrails @opensuse

This makes me mad. 2020 just keeps taking! This is one of my favorites. Someone make this stop. today.com/food/coca-cola-will-

I am helping MC the "Global PowerShell & DevOps Conference" today. Come join us. I will be talking a bit about LOPSA soon.


I went too long without Mastadon in my life again. Why do I keep going away for too long?

The rain has stopped and even though it is super windy, I think it feels fairly nice out.... Perhaps I'd feel otherwise, if I spent longer than the walk to-and-from lunch. Nevertheless, I'm definitely leaving the window open as I work today (at least for a bit).

I recently switched from Chromium to using Brave browser... I quite enjoy it so far. Go figure.

Oh Fediverse, I have missed you. I have been away for a few months and I am very sorry. Things have been mad for me, and I have not been using much social media in general... even when I likely should have been like during the at the booth and the

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Two @opensuse Tumbleweed snapshots this past week delivered new versions of grep, VLC, @kde Applications and Frameworks, Thunderbird, wireshark and more - bit.ly/2UhLwwa

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