@GetTogetherComm I am getting a Server Error for my GetTogether event page. Can someone on your end help me resolve this?

@druonysus Hi Drew, it looks like you had a sponsor without a logo, and some bit of code isn't handling that well. For now I've added a logo for MS Azure to stop the server error, I'll track down the problem code and fix that for future cases

@GetTogetherComm Oh, okay... so I will add the others with images then. Thank you so much for the help! I am loving GetTogether and have been telling everyone about it!

@druonysus We're glad you like it!

And just to let you know, if you enable "Presentations" in your event details settings, you can properly list speakers and talks for your event (once your speakers add them to GetTogether that is)

@GetTogetherComm I have bad news: I did something bad: I pressed "add" sponsor when I intended to press on the "brows" to add the last image for the last sponsor.... in short: I broke it again. I'm sorry. Can you help me fix it one last time and I will stop messing with the sponsors page, I promise 😬

@druonysus Lol, no worries. I've deleted that new one for new, working on teh code fix as we speak

@druonysus You should be all set now, it won't let you submit the sponsor form without a logo upload now, and any old data missing a logo won't cause a server error anymore

@druonysus You happened to catch me at a good time, and with a relatively easy fix :)

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