@GetTogetherComm Have you seen openSUSE's OSEM? It's our event manager. It's unlikely to be useful to you from a code perspective as it's Ruby, but in case it wasn't on your radar, I thought I'd point it out. It has some really nice features.

Here's the repo

@druonysus Yep, I even played with it a bit setting up #LASGNOME which uses it. It seems to be the most polished and functional FOSS option for conference-style events

@GetTogetherComm Oh awesome. It's really getting very feature rich and rather polished, but I really prefer the direction of GetTogether. Especially as part of the Fediverse.

@druonysus BTW, did you know we can group teams under a common "organization" like how Meetup Pro works? Here's one we setup for GNOME: gettogether.community/org/gnom

Since there are already two OpenSUSE teams in GetTogether.Community, we can make create and org for them too if there's interest.

Orgs let you collaborate on multi-team events like release-parties or hackathons

@GetTogetherComm how do we go about collecting all the different openSUSE groups under one org? Do I need to just reach out to all the other organizers?

@druonysus I've created an OpenSUSE org and made you the owner of it.


Now any team page you view will have an "Invite to Organization" button at the top of the page, that will send the invite to the team's admins. If they accept, they'll be part of your org.

You can also create new teams for your org from the org's page, and any team admin who views your org page will see a "Join Organization" button that will send you a request to add them.

@GetTogetherComm thank you! this is great. I was looking for a way to make an org in the UI and I didn't see a way to do it. Is that functionality not exposed quite yet?

I added the SoCalSUSE team to the org, and though I got a little confused on how to do it, I was able to figure it out... but when I got the the opensuse-id team page I don't see an invite button for them like I saw on the SoCalSUSE team. Is that a bug or is there some step I am missing?

@druonysus Hmm, you should see it at the top of any team now. Can you post me a screenshot?

@druonysus I fixed a thing, see if the button appears for you now

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