Time appropriate greetings Fediverse! I'm getting my morning started with some coffee! I've been sick but today I feel much better! I hope everyone similarly is feeling good and either had, is having or will have a great day ☺️

I don't know why I want this. I think the price is at the point where my brain is like, "at that price, why not!!"

Attention community: is coming to tomorrow! Some of us geekos will be there! The event is free so I invite all to join us and have a lot of fun!!


If you have not downloaded your copy of Leap 15.0 go and grab your copy, install, and have a lot of fun!!: software.opensuse.org/distribu

I am reminding myself of this quote over and over again today. Sometimes I am too impatient. Today is one of those times.

"The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is." - C. S. Luis

My last full-day at Honey. Some of us went out to lunch. I am going to miss these guys!!!

I picked up this new comic/graphic novel last weekend and though I'm still not done with it (I read really slowly), I've been enjoying it a lot.


We have a very limited number of openSUSE USB drives available at the openSUSE booh. Exhibit hall opens tomorrow, come and say hi to get yours... while you can!


so I have made it to an even 5000 messages in my inbox... does this mean I've unlocked an achievement or something?


The ultra rare cucumber and lime flavored Rockstar. It's my favorite energy drink but I can't seem to find them anywhere anymore... Well that is, until tonight. My buddy found this lonely fella at the CircleK at the Mobil gas station off of Lake here in Pasadena. I'm debating if I should even drink this one as it might just be the last of its kind in existence.


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If you're at the Open Source Summit North America, come say at the booth. I'm representing the community at the booth this week! mstdn.io/media/TeX6HwByhuB5wUM

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