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If you're at the Open Source Summit North America, come say at the booth. I'm representing the community at the booth this week!

Went to the California Hot Sauce Expo yesterday. Brought home 14 hot sauces, 1 super hot relish/jam, and 3 bags of super hot caramel pop corn (1 bag not pictured as I had already eaten it)

Does anyone else think that this guy in Weezer looks like the love child of Zachary Quinto and Woody Allen?

Got my barbeque fixed today in time for the 4th. Had to test it out... Working well!!

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okay... well... it only took many hour of intense focused effort, but I stumble-fucked my way through re-stringing the Ukulele and tuning it. I am rather please with myself right now. It is not perfect but I think it will do!!

My w/ clear switches. I use this one for the office... though I'm feeling the clears might be a little too light for my liking.

I think I managed an okay deal at the pawn shop but it needs new strings. I ordered those on Amazon and they should arrive on Monday. I hope all Tenor Ukulele strings are compatible.

I get home from work and I find that my kitchen sink is backed up, nearly to the brim with what can only be described as yuck water. I just called maintenance and I am waiting for them to send someone over. This happened once before and they had to snake the sink. This is super disgusting... so obviously, I took a picture to share with you all. Please enjoy the yuck with me.

am I a bad person for taking a selfi at this strange ice cream shop in downtown LA? The place is called Little Damage Soft Serve Ice Cream. It felt like the kind of place where they wanted me to take a selfi. I got an ice cream flavor I got was Unicorn Tears with sprinkles. I would share a picture of it, but it did not last that long. It was super good!!! Strange but good.

My KBParadise v60! I love this keyboard. @TesterMcTestington got me hooked to mechanical keyboards again, and now I have 3 of these boards.


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