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Have finally written on this, might follow with a much longer piece later.

"A few themes that pervade the judgment and they are 1) Self-contradiction; 2) Intellectual chicanery and 3) Bankruptcy of imagination."

My column on the CAB today has a story about what happened when my Grand Parents went back to Lahore to look for their home.

I vow to never vote for any party which supports the patently hateful and discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Bill. Do you?

मैं कभी ऐसी पार्टी को वोट नहीं दूँगा जो इस घटिया और धर्म के नाम पर भेद भाव करने वाले नागरिकता संशोधन क़ानून का समर्थन करेगी। और आप?

Recommend a good biography of Nehru please.

My current reading routine- 4 books simultaneously- poetry+history+fiction+law.

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As you keep reading this investigative series on #ElectoralBonds, remember to thank the unassuming real hero, Commodore (Retd) Lokesh Batra who has helped reveal the truth about our electoral politics. And, remember the power of RTI Act, which too this govt has now diluted.

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Heres a family story. In '47, my grandfather's brother was travelling by train when some goons entered the compartment. The goon pointed at my grand uncles luggage and thundered who it belonged to. My granduncle said it was his. No, said the goon brandishing a knife - this is mine. The goon picked up the trunk and got off. My granduncle could only watch helplessly. But he yelled out of the window 'Hai to humara, tum liye ja rahey ho'.
#india #introduction #AYODHYAVERDICT

If I followed you on twitter but am not following here please let me know.

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@[email protected] J Gavai again asks about the whereabouts of SG, and presence of ASGs. "We have been hearing the same arguments repeatedly in such an important matter"

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Unbelievably stupid and criminal of the police (and state govt) to do so, but then only to be expected.

10,000 people charged with sedition in one district means the State accepts that it has lost its legitimacy to rule.

Also, in a functional democracy, the courts would take suo motu cognisance of this, restore peoples rights, and the State's sanity.

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This is possibly the largest number of people booked for sedition at one time in one district anywhere in India.

How did this slip below the radar?

Read our #GroundReport >>>

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Every time you unlock your phone to check notifications remember Kashmiris, every time you do online transactions remember Kashmiris, every time you defend your basic rights remember Kashmiris, every time you prepare for exams remember Kashmiri students, every time you buy meds remember the patients in Kashmir, every time you go to bed to have a good night sleep remember the human rights violations in kashmir, every time you call your loved ones just remember Kashmir.

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JNU students are a beacon of hope. Taking blows on their bodies, they march forward for a better future for all, for everyone's right to education. Shame on you JNU VC, for bringing this situation where students are being brutalized for demanding their basic right #EmergencyinJNU


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When taxpayers money is spent on Public Universities, the less privileged can at least dream of a chance of a good education. When it is spent on statues instead, dreams die in the deification of the dreamless

Gandhi. From Faisal Devji’s excellent book- The Impossible Indian.

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Delhi Police ( in uniform & in plain clothes) manhandling JNU students protesting against the arbitrary fee hike.

Students wanted to march to Parliament to ask MPs to support their demands. Sec 144 imposed in Central Delhi

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The therapist’s job is made difficult if one breaks into urdu shers every now and then.

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